ISBN 978-0-9570489-5-9
title: "The Concise Musical Guide to King Crimson and Robert Fripp (1969 - 1984)"
author: Andrew Keeling
editor: Mark Graham
publisher: Spaceward
12 photographs, 3 diagrams, 11 musical examples

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What is it?

An informative, insightful guide to the secret mechanics that power the mysterious music of King Crimson. It is generously illustrated with photographs and musical notation diagrams. This is a scholastic yet accessible work. Andrew Keeling's credentials as composer and academic are impeccable. He holds a PhD from the University of Manchester and has works published by Faber in the UK and PRB in the USA. His musical compositions have been performed, recorded and broadcast throughout the world.

This Musical Guide sets the musical innovations of Robert Fripp and King Crimson within the wider artistic and cultural landscape tied together through the author's relation to both.


"Wow!" - Robert Fripp


"Wonderful" -Prog Magazine

The Concise Musical Guide to King Crimson and Robert Fripp 69-84