Trusting someone with the contents of your heart is always a risky business. In ‘Personally Speaking’ the author, Mark Drury, does just that. A collection of both poetry and song-lyrics, gathered over a lifetime of artistic endeavour, reveals the gamut of emotions surrounding an every-day life.


Having no formal qualifications, Mark writes in the style of many of the poets he has enjoyed over his fifty-plus years of reading and writing, with work ranging from a few lines to poems such as ‘The Floral Curse’ – a children’s poem in strict meta – lasting twenty-three verses.

His erstwhile career as a professional musician and songwriter has produced a legacy of recorded material stretching back to the 70’s, the lyrics to which make-up over half of the book.


With vignettes strewn throughout the work credited to his ex-wife, the reader is presented with an honest and passionate insight into the author’s journey so far; a chance to compare his personal passage of time with their own!

Personally Speaking by Mark Drury