Andrew Keeling is a multi-faceted composer, songwriter and musician, whose works have been performed and broadcast throughout the world by musicians such as Dame Evelyn Glennie, the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Fretwork, Craig Ogden, Jacob Heringman and many others. His music has been released by DGM, Burning Shed, Metier, Riverrun, UHR and Spaceward. He has written, collaborated with and released albums with musicians such as David Cross (King Crimson), Stephen Fellows (Comsat Angels) and Tim Bowness (No-Man).

Andrew also has a particular interest in the music of King Crimson and has written three Musical Guides on the band's music. He has also orchestrated the Soundscapes of Robert Fripp which have appeared on the DGM/Panegyric CD The Wine of Silence received to widespread critical acclaim, along with Andrew Keeling & Otherworld's album, Bells of Heaven.

Otherworld is the fifth and final album from Andrew Keeling and Otherworld. Gathering tracks from the albums Bells of Heaven, Hyde, My Red Book and Five o'clock Sun, and involving such musicians as Stephen Fellows (Comsat Angels), David Jackson (Van der Graaf Generator), Susanna Pell and Jacob Heringman (Fretwork) it also includes an unreleased song from a projected fifth album currently put on hold. Otherworld was put together by composer Andrew Keeling - noted for his work with Robert Fripp, Dame Evelyn Glennie and the Hilliard Ensemble - as a way to realise his 'shadow' side. 'It seemed to me that while my creative classical side grew my former rock music side which, in a sense, gave my classical music life, had got lost somewhere along the way. It had been neglected and Otherworld was a chance to once again give it voice.'



 01 Bells of Heaven
 02 Iceberg
 03 Stay Away
 04 For the Love of a Woman
 05 Gabriel
 06 Five o'clock Sun Bright Star
 07 Common Coin
 08 Like Sandy Denny
 09 Twenty Turbines
 10 Threnody
 11 Thanatos
 12 Leaver



Andrew Keeling - flute, guitars, bass, keyboard instruments, drums/percussion, vocals and arrangements
Stephen Fellows - electric guitar and vocals
Dave Cottrell - drums, guitar, vocals and recording duties
David Jackson - saxophones
Ed Hindmoor - guitar
Justine Crook - oboe
Jane Wilkinson - vocals
Nikita Birdsey - vocals
Susanna Pell - viols
Jacob Heringman - lute
Charlotte Dowding - violin
Tim Bowness - vocals
David Jaggs - vocals, synthesizer
Iain Cameron - ambient textures
Chris Keeling - electric guitar and synthesizer
Sarah Douglas - narration

Review of Otherworld from RnR.


You could call this a Greatest Hits - if they were hits; or maybe a selective anthology high-flying over Andrew Keeling's four earlier Otherworld albums... plus one 'bonus' previously unssued track. Either way it's the sound of a classical composer slumming his way slantwise into rock, which means not so much letting it all hang loose as chasing the twiddly prog connections betrayed by Keeling's authoritative King Crimson books.

Here be twelve textured pieces with the interaction of familiar collaborators, including David Jackson (Van der Graaf), Stephen Fellows (Comsat Angels) and a nod at his work with Robert Fripp. Keeling is a guy who knows structures, and how to make them work, how to take elements and blend them into immaculately contoured soundscapes.
There's an attention-grabbing title - 'Like Sandy Denny' from his My Red Book album, which has lyric references to 'Who Knows Where The Time Goes?', but it's seamlessly wrapped in sweeping sharp-edit electro-virtuosity of such soulless perfection it'd surely alienate Sandy herself. Densely intense instrumentals from his Bells of Heaven album are given a more breathily human thumbprint by Tim Bowness (No-Man) on 'Twenty Turbines'. Otherwise, Otherworld is cerebral to a fault.

Andrew Darlington

Otherworld - Andrew Keeling and Otherworld