Andrew Keeling and Otherworld's third album, My Red Book, began when Robert Fripp (King Crimson) sent Keeling a copy of C.G. Jung's Red Book. In the opening pages, Jung suggested to each of his analysands that they, too - following his example - keep their own 'red books' to document unconscious processes. Keeling applied a similar idea to the third Otherworld album to create his own red book. Alongside Stephen Fellows (Comsat Angels), David Jaggs (The Ragamuffins), Dave Cottrell, Jane Wilkinson and several others, Keeling has written, co-written, performed and produced twelve new songs/pieces.


 1. The Other Side of the Sun
 2. Iceberg
 3. Mythos, Pt. 1 - Circe
 4. Mythos, Pt. 2 - Minotaur
 5. Turkish Delight
 6. By Tomorrow
 7. Like Sandy Denny
 8. Denial
 9. Temperance
 10. The Other Side of Love
 11. Mythos, Pt. 3 - Syren
 12. Jane Eyre

My Red Book - Andrew Keeling and Otherworld