In the Shadow - Glimpsing the Creative Unconscious
Volume 1 - The DGM Diaries (1999 - 2002)
by Andrew Keeling
ISBN 978-0-9562977-3-0
Softcover 5×8 inches (13×20 centimeters)
372 pages. 13 photographs.


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How do composers compose? And why?
Initiated by Robert Fripp, the Diary was intended from the outset to be the record of a living composer: one who stood with one foot inside classical music and the other in rock/folk music. Besides demonstrating the minutiae of the creative process, it also sheds light on Keeling's involvement with Fripp's record label, Discipline Global Mobile, as well as the Soundscapes orchestrations and the creation of the King Crimson Musical Guides.
Andrew Keeling is a composer, musician, improviser, arranger, teacher and writer who lives in the North West of the UK. His music has been performed and broadcast by many leading musicians and released on several record labels. It has also been published by Faber and PRB. He has written three musical guides on the music of King Crimson and has orchestrated and arranged the music of Robert Fripp. Andrew plays flute in an improvisation duo with former King Crimson violinist, David Cross. He is also a keen fell walker.

"Good fortune to meet an honest man." - Robert Fripp

"For anyone interested in such matters the diaries provide both macro and micro views of the composer's world. Alongside musings on John Cage's position and influence on contemporary culture, the merits of "popular" music, or reflections upon the contradictions of a post-modern world, we see how everyday life tugs and pulls upon the creative process. Whether it's intimate portraits of family life, teaching, or the arduous task of composing or arranging music, the warmth and generosity of Keeling's spirit, evident in much of his work, can also be found in the pages of these diary entries." - Sid Smith

In the Shadow - Glimpsing the Creative Unconscious Volume 1 - The DGM Diaries