"Five o'clock Sun" by Andrew Keeling and Otherworld
Andrew Keeling has worked in classical and rock music since 1977 as musician, composer (Evelyn Glennie, Hilliard Ensemble, Fretwork etc.), arranger (Robert Fripp, Tim Bowness) and writer (King Crimson, Comsat Angels, T2). His music has been released by DGM, Panegyric, Metier, Inside Out, Burning Shed, Riverrun and Spaceward and published by Faber, PRB and Fretwork Editions. R2 magazine called Bells of Heaven, the first AK and Otherworld album, 'a work of genius.'


 1. Five o'clock Sun
 2. Sign
 3. White Goddess
 4. Hypocrisy
 5. Common Coin
 6. Gabriel
 7. Blind
 8. Tempter
 9. Afterglow Five o'clock Sun


Andrew Keeling – acoustic, classical, electric and bass guitars; piano, mellotron and keyboards; flute
Jane Wilkinson - vocals
Stephen Fellows – vocals and electric guitar
Dave Cottrell – drums, percussion, classical guitar on Bright Star
David Jackson - saxes on Five o'clock Sun
Tim Bowness – vocals on Tempter
Justine Crook - oboe on Gabriel and Tempter
Chris Keeling - moog and keyboards on Hypocrisy
Iain Cameron – ambient textures.

Five o'clock Sun - Andrew Keeling and Otherworld