1. Songs No Words - 1 (02:40)
2. Songs No Words - 2 (03:29)
3. Songs No Words - 3 (05:07)
4. Songs No Words - 4 (02:02)
5. Swing (02:34)
6. Within My Garden (03:55)
7. Coniunctio (15:13)
8. Annabel Lee (06:44)
9. Song é Napule (05:45)
10. To A Butterfly (05:15)
11. Peace (05:32)


The pieces here were written from around 2005-2014 illustrating Andrew Keeling's onward journey away from musical academia. His arrangement for string quartet of Robert Fripp's Peace, written in 2001, also finds a place in this context.



Songs No Words - Robin Hill, guitar; Chris Roe/Anima (Commissioned by Mark Graham)

Swing, Within My Garden, Annabel Lee and Song é Napule - Jane Wilkinson, soprano; Anne Marshall, piano

Coniunctio - Clare Hammond, piano (Commissioned by Clare Hammond and the Beaumaris Festival)

To A Butterfly - Jane Wilkinson, soprano ; Minn Majoe - violin

Peace by Robert Fripp - Mr. McFall's Chamber. Recorded in London (Resident Studios, Willesden) and Edinburgh



'Coniunctio is particularly strong and is beautifully performed by Clare Hammond. You have found a natural voice which is accessible, expressive and musical with fluent lyricism and sensitive word setting.' (Peter Davison) 

Coniunctio - Andrew Keeling