Spaceward Studios Archive (1972-88)

Spaceward Studios was founded by Mike Kemp and Gary Lucas in Cambridge, UK in 1972 and was located firstly in Mike's rooms in college, then in a small centre-terrace house in Grafton Street, Cambridge and subsequently (July 1975) in a basement in Victoria Street, Cambridge. The studio moved to its final home, the Old School, Stretham in 1981. Literally hundreds of singles, albums and demos were recorded over the years and some of that history is recorded here.

Alumni include...

13th Chime, Alan Lee Shaw, Alan Thornton, Analysis, Annie Whitehead, Antimatter (OM), Art Failure, Ashley Hutchin's Albion Dance Band, Au Pairs, Bad Actors, Bastille, Bauhaus, Bill Bruford, BJ Cole, Bowman's Capsule, Breeze, Bruce Fursman & Dave Dutfield, Burl Ives, Canis Major, Chameleon, Charlotte's Party, Chemical Alice, Chris Hamburger, Cindy & The Action Men, Cliche, Cottesloe Theatre, Dance Chapter, Danny Thompson, Dark Star, Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin, Dave Warner, Dear Edmee, Demon, Dif Juz, Disco Students, Dizrhythmia, Dolly Mixture, Double Yellow Line, Drinking Electricity, Epilptics, Ersatz, Fish, Fish Turned Human, Free Admission, Gambler, Gary Numan, George Bowser, Gigymen, Gothic Girls, Grace, Harlow, Hawkwind, Hazard, Helen West, Herod's Race, Hickory Lake, Hondo, Hugh Cornwall, International Heroes, Iron Maiden, Jack The Bear, Jaguar, Jakko Jakszyck, JJ Burnel, John Barry, Johnny Curious & The Strangers, John Knowles - Debut, John Theedom, Judy And The Shades, Juice, Julian Cope, Jumpleads, Katrina & The Waves, Kelt, Kimberley Rew, Krakatoa, Laissez Faire (aka LFB), Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band featuring Syd Barrett, Last Resort, Loren Auerbach & Bert Jansch, Magritte, Mahagonny, Mandy Morton & Spriguns, Mandy Morton, Mandy Morton & Chris Mills, Marc Cunningham-Reed, Mark Robbins, Martin Carthy, Matthew Seligman, Maureen & The Meatpackers, Mick Stevens, Missing Presumed Dead, Modern English, Mother's Ruin, Mousa Faza'a, Nathaniel Halcrow & The Mastodons, Necromancer, Next Step, Nick Barraclough, Nigel Planer 'Neil', Our Man In Tokyo, Patrick Ayrton, Perfect Vision, Pete Atkin, Peter Blegvad, Phil Miller/In Cahoots, Pink Fairies, Playgroup, Poison Girls/Fatal Microbes , Polyphonic Size, Pretty Paedophiles, Puzzle, Ray Morgan Quartet, Red Express, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Repetition, Richard Newman, Robyn Hitchcock, Sad Lovers And Giants , Sancho Panzer, Screen 3, Scritti Politti, Sean Wright, Sean Wright (Hollywood Wires), Simon Aldridge, Simon Boswell, Simon Darlow, Sindy and the Action Men, Snakehips, Somewhere in the Foreign Office, Steve Breeze, Stiff Little Fingers, Stranger, Stranger Still, Supanova, Swell Maps, Syd Barrett All Stars (aka Last Minute Put Together Boogie band), Telephone Bill & The Smooth Operators, The Act, The Bible!, The Brotherhood, The Carburettors, The Catch, The Containers, The Cybermen, The Dave Howard Singers, The Deviance, The Dogma Cats, The Enid, The Europeans, The Face, The Farmers Boys, The Favourites, The Finals, The Flying Aces, The Friendly Hopefuls, The Fruit Bats, The Georgia Peach, The Gift, The Great Divide, The Heartthrobs , The Higsons, The Home Service, The Jellies, The Junction Band, The Kamikaze Sex Pilots, The Killjoys, The Limit, The Long Hello, The Lost And The Lonely, The Marabar Caves, The Mekons, The Mob, The Needles, The Now, The Outsiders, The Point, The Producers, The Purple Helmets, The Raincoats, The Rapiers, The Sinix, The Soft Boys, The Stranglers, The Students, The Unwanted, The Users, The VDs, The VDUs, The Waves, The Wibbly Brothers, The World Service, The Zeds, Three Times A Day, Thunderbox, Tom Robinson, Tony Leonard (Glitter Band), Tours, Toyah, Tramp, Trance, Transmitters , Tranzzam, Tranzista, Trespass, Trobwll (aka Vortex), Tubeway Army, Tuxedo Bay, UK Subs, Underground Zero, urge, Victor Borge, Warne Livesey, White Elephant, Your Dinner