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The studio in 1975 before acquisition of the 16 track (photo courtesy of Peter Robinson)


The studio in 1975 after acquisition of the 16 track (photo courtesy of Peter Robinson)


The photo above was taken in 1977 and is (we think) of the stage for the Albion Dance Band outside the National Theatre ... Spaceward provided the PA. (photo courtesy of Peter Robinson)

Click here for "Spaceward : Albion & other bands +
general photos" at Flickr (courtesy of Peter Robinson)


Pictured here in Victoria Street is Mike Kemp in about 1979 at the controls of the amazing expanding mixer desk surrounded by 16-track, several 2-tracks and plethora of out-board gear.

Recording The Gigymen for "The First Lame Bunny" album in Mike's room in college in Cambridge,

Spaceward doing a gig for the Albion Dance Band in Lewes castle in the '70's. Eddie Upton is calling, Shirley Collins seated, (I believe Dave Mattacks on the right,) all trying to keep dry (hence no electric instruments at this stage). Leather coated Gary Lucas is adjusting mics on the right.

And at the mixing desk Gary Lucas watches with a grimace, Mike delves under the plastic sheet to do the mixing...

The Control Room at the time of Mick Steven's first River sessions in 1977
(thanks to Andrew Stevens and Thomas Hartlage)

Kevin Harrison at Spaceward, 1st Nov 1979 by John Wankling


urge 3 at Spaceward, 1st Nov 1979 ( David, Kevin, Lynda ) Photo by John Wankling


urge's Kevin Harrison & John Westacott (1/11/79)


A very young Joe Bull with Kevin Harrison of urge (1/11/79)

UK Subs make an early start - Victoria Street


Steve Harris of Iron Maiden at Victoria Street (photo coutesy of The Iron Maiden Commentary)


The studio in 1975 before acquisition of the 16 track (photo courtesy of Peter Robinson)


The studio in 1975 after acquisition of the 16 track (photo courtesy of Peter Robinson)




After the move to the village of Stretham, about 10 miles north of Cambridge, this picture shows the famous in-house designed and built microprocessor controlled 56 input desk, the Studer A80 24-track, and various outboard gear. You can just make out the original  in-house 16-track hiding behind the desk. Monitoring was on B&W 801s later changed for 808's and augmented by a pair of JBL 4343s and Yamaha NS10s. Mastering was onto Studer B67 1/4" using Dolby A throughout until the PCM F1 arrived when material was usually digitally mastered. The most complex session was Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin's "Busy Doing Nothing" engineered by Ted Hayton when a second Studer 24 track was synced up. Dave also produced and Ted engineered Nigel Planer's alter ego Neil from "The Young Ones" with his hit "Hole In My Shoe" here. In this room Mike also co-produced the Stranglers single "Always the Sun" and their 1986 album "Dreamtime". Notable assistants on this album were Ted Hayton and Owen Morris. Even after the studio was closed the Stranglers made a return visit in 1992 for much of the recording of the album "In The Dark", produced by Mike.

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A slightly later publicity shot of the control room showing Sony PCM F1 and U-Matic at left


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Mark Graham burning the midnight oil circa 1984.


Thanks to Brian Fairchild for the photos below...

Ted Hayton in the control room in Stretham


Owen Morris in the office


From left: Helen, Sue, Peter, Gilly, Mark and Steve waiting in the old school playground outside the studio in Stretham for a Portacabin to arrive!


Gilly, in typical pose, in the video suite at Stretham


Alex, studio cat, with mouse in the kitchen at Stretham


Unusual shot of Mike from above showing old-style keyboard and tablet and ever-present cup of tea


Brian Fairchild (aka Baf) at the Old School, Haddenham


Ted, trying to look sexy!!!


Owen after a long session

Sam as a kitten and Ted

Sam, climbing the walls

Joe Bull

Ted Hayton

Boo Hewerdine, Steve Penn and the Hammond organ

Ted groping in the guts of the Hammond

Richard Lee on "Money and Time" sessions with The Great Divide

Ted and Ed Harbud preparing the organ for "Money and Time"

Steve Penn during the Walpaper, Walpaper sessions

Julian Cope at Stretham during the recording of "Fried" (image courtesy of David Bragg)

Julian Cope being interviewed by Jon Lewin for Making Music Magazine at Stretham during the recording of "Fried" (image courtesy of David Bragg)

Gary, Mark, Mike, Dave Stewart, Barbara Gaskin, Angie and Ted on a foray into Ely for food.

Photos (courtesy of David Bragg)

The day that BBC Radio Cambridgeshire visited...

Gary Lucas and Mike Kemp


Mike Kemp, Chris Heath, Jon Lewin and ?


Trevor Dann


Trevor Dann


Wall of Fame


The Old School, Streatham with Radio Cambridgeshire car


The Old School, Streatham with Radio Cambridgeshire car


Radio Cambridgeshire car






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More Photos...

"Magritte" session at The Old School, Streatham.
Engineer: Joe Bull


" The Brotherhood" session 1984 (photos courtesy Duncan Ferguson)
Engineer: Mark Graham - Assistant Engineer: Owen Morris

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