Gary Lucas and Mike Kemp

Mike Kemp - co-founder, technical director, sound engineer and record producer.

Artists, events and locations include: The Albion Dance Band, B.J.Cole, Dark Star, Dif Juz, Robyn Hitchcock, Iron Maiden, Burl Ives, Jakko Jakszyk, Katrina and the Waves, The Mekons, Morecambe and Wise, Gary Numan (album: Tubeway Army), Kimberley Rew, Modern English, The Raincoats, Tom Robinson, The Soft Boys (album: A Can of Bees, Invisible Hits, single/ep: Wading through a Ventilator etc), Stiff Little Fingers (album: Inflammable Material), The Stranglers (albums: Dreamtime, In The Dark, singles: Always the Sun, Was it You?, Nice in Nice, Heaven and Hell etc), Danny Thompson, Victor Borge, Toyah Wilcox, BBC Radio Theatre, Cambridge Folk Festival, Cottesloe Theatre, Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall.

Gary Lucas - co-founder, managing director, studio manager, prducer, engineer
Come on Gary- hurry up with that biog!

Joe Bull - director, producer and engineer

Joe Bull started as a trainee engineer (aka Tea Boy) He says "Typical days in the studio were 14 hours long and would usually result in a good quality master tape for the band. This work was often supplemented by live gigs with the Spaceward crew either providing the PA and mixing expertise or occasionally recording the gig as well. Spaceward became particularly popular for providing Folk Festival sound at many venues around the UK. The discipline of having to create good quality sound for dozens of acts every day with no time for a sound check was invaluable. The most important discipline that being an audio engineer taught was that "the show must go on".

In 1991 Joe and Mike Kemp plus a few friends founded Studio Audio & Video Limited. The first product was the XS digital audio processing card which after a year formed the basis of what was to become the SADiE Classic. SADiE grew over many years to become one of the most popular and well respected brands in the Digital Audio Workstation market, always concentrating on the requirements of its professional and broadcast customers. After 17 years of trading the company was sold in 2008 to Prism Sound who continue to promote the brand and products.

Joe formed JoeCo Limited to continue this pedigree of audio design, solving problems and providing solutions for music and audio people the world over. Mike Kemp and Simon Widdowson, now of, have played an important part in the design and implementation of the BLACKBOX RECORDER and their contrbution is greatly valued.

Artists, events and locations include: 13th Chime, AHEADS, Dawn Trader, European Toys, Exposer, Helen West, Hondo, Jim Bowers, Magritte, Modern English, Necromancer, Peter Blegvad, Powell Morrison Band, Sad Lovers And Giants, Simon Darlow, Sindy and the Action Men, Soul (aka Black Pop), Telephone Bill & The Smooth Operators, The Act, The Corverttes, The Disrupters, The Face, The Farmers Boys, The Fits, The Great Divide, The Higsons, The Kamikaze Sex Pilots, The Lonely, The Mob, The Needles, The Rapiers, The Wibbly Brothers, urge.

Ted Hayton - producer and engineer
Look Ted, I'll buy you a beer if it will help! :)

Mark Graham - studio manager 1983 - 1986, producer, engineer

The Bible! (album: Walking the Ghost Back Home, singles: Graceland, Mahalia etc), Boo Hewerdine & the Georgia Peach, The Brotherhood, Phil Miller & Cutting Edge, Jakko Jakszyk, Underground Zero, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Hickory Lake.

Owen Morris - producer, engineer

Produced half of Madness' new album.

Mixed singles and album for The Kaiser Chiefs
Recorded album with The Stagger Rats
Produced new band "Towns"

Mixed Mando Diao album tracks and had mid-life crisis
Produced The View - "Which Bitch" - to be released 2009

Produced tracks for The Enemy, Lowline, Exile Parade and The Satin Peaches

Produced The View - "Hats Off To The Buskers" - number 1 album
Produced Eastern Conference Champions - "Ameritown"
Mixed Mando Diao album tracks

Produced The Paddingtons - "First Comes First"

Produced Sek Loso - "For God's Sake"

Produced Marah - "Float Away With The Friday Night Gods"

Produced Ash - "Free All Angels" - number 1 album

Produced Oasis - "The Masterplan"

Produced Ash - "Nu Clear Sounds"

Produced Oasis - "Be Here Now" - number 1 album

Produced Ash - "1977" - number 1 album

Produced Oasis -"What's The Story? (Morning Glory)" - number 1 album

Produced The Verve - "A Northern Soul"
Mixed and co-produced Oasis "Definitely Maybe"

1990 - 1993
Freelance engineer/producer
Recorded New Order - "Republic"
Recorded Electronic (Johnny Marr & Bernard Sumner) - "Electronic"

1985 - 1989
Engineer at Spaceward Studios in Cambridge, England. Worked with many artists including The Stranglers, Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin, The Bible!

Jim Abbiss  - engineer
Oh, what's the point? I give up!!!

Dan Wiseman - Tape Op 1980 - 82
Dan played in The Sinix and The Friendly Hopefuls and co-produced the Grace album in addition to helping build the new mixer and studio in Stretham
Also worked for Spaceward Microsystems 1985 - 86

Patrick Scott - tape-operator/assistant engineer 1987
Jacko Jakszyck & the Dizrythmia album. The Art of Noise album - In No Sense? Nonsense! (Ted Hayton and I recorded the boy’s choir in Ely Cathedral), Katrina & the Waves - With Alex's very load Drumming! The Stranglers - All Day and All of the Night 7" VICE1, Jack the Bear - Bearfootin. The Fatback band - rehearsed in the studio before a live gig. Gaye Bykers on Acid - rehearsed with us for a week after they were signed with Virgin. Steve Breeze - Demo. Tony Leonard (glitter band) – Producer. Click here to read more...

Nik Newark

Nik Newark - assisant engineer

Mark Paton - trainee tape-op / teaboy / receptionist 1981 -83

Dean Jones - work experience / teaboy / trainee tape-op

Danny Kuperberg - assistant tape-op 1985

Mark Jones - teaboy and tape-op 1977

As a 15 year old obsessed with recording technology, a trait I think I picked up from my grandfather who worked for Neve Electronics, I began bombarding Spaceward in 1977 with letters asking if I could 'hang out.' Somewhat to my surprise, I got a nice letter back from Gary suggesting I pop in, and so I did. I found the basement stuffed with weird and wonderful electronics and the constant comings and goings of bands I had not yet heard of ( a Greek band who were number one in their home country charts I remember fondly) and soon I was making tea and chatting with Kimberley Rew about life and music, which all seemed rather wonderful to me if perhaps rather less so to him.

Spending every Saturday there I could, I soon moved up from tea boy to tape operator, with Gary watching me closely doing some drop-ins and nodding sagely when I seemed to take to it rather well. After a few months of this I got offered a full time job, which I was gutted that having another year of school to finish I could not take. I often wonder how my life would have turned out had I been born slightly earlier and been able to immerse myself full time in the world that Mike and Gary had created, but will always remember with great affection my short time in that magical Victoria Street basement and the kindness shown to me by the owners.

Mark Jones

Managing Director

Cambridge Business Training

Direct Line: 01223 968697

Mobile: 07796 543041