Sent: Sunday, February 09, 2014 9:45 AM
Subject: My Time at Spaceward

As a 15 year old obsessed with recording technology, a trait I think I picked up from my grandfather who worked for Neve Electronics, I began bombarding Spaceward in 1977 with letters asking if I could 'hang out.' Somewhat to my surprise, I got a nice letter back from Gary suggesting I pop in, and so I did. I found the basement stuffed with weird and wonderful electronics and the constant comings and goings of bands I had not yet heard of ( a Greek band who were number one in their home country charts I remember fondly) and soon I was making tea and chatting with Kimberley Rew about life and music, which all seemed rather wonderful to me if perhaps rather less so to him.

Spending every Saturday there I could, I soon moved up from tea boy to tape operator, with Gary watching me closely doing some drop-ins and nodding sagely when I seemed to take to it rather well. After a few months of this I got offered a full time job, which I was gutted that having another year of school to finish I could not take. I often wonder how my life would have turned out had I been born slightly earlier and been able to immerse myself full time in the world that Mike and Gary had created, but will always remember with great affection my short time in that magical Victoria Street basement and the kindness shown to me by the owners.

Mark Jones

Managing Director

Cambridge Business Training

Direct Line: 01223 968697

Mobile: 07796 543041


Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2012 11:28 PM

Subject: Actors One


I have recently found a copy of Actors One 12": side A One Inside, side B I think it's Strange, You Are The Same.  ND 12001 (X 83 CUS 1839).

It was recorded by Needle Damage Records in 1983

Does any one know any info about this, the band and what the guys are up to now?


Kaye Carruthers

Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2012 6:39 PM

Subject: Please add this to Spaceward Studios guestbook?


re: Bruce 'Brewster' Fursman, also of FolkOmnibus, who were Support Band to Nick Drake at the Goodwill to All pub 4 October 1969. If of interest, he has a website with interesting pictures etc at:

Has anyone else heard the Audio documentary by Ben Price, about Nick Drake? It has a section of Bruce Fursman being interviewed about the Gig with Nick Drake at the Goodwill to All Pub. Seems impossible to find any information about it online. 

Also, has anyone else heard Pete Waters Live? he writes & sings his own original songs & Music. I was lucky enough to see them at a Charity Gig at the White Lion pub, St Albans on 27 August 2012.

So Wonderful to hear New Original songs!

It's like receiving an unexpected Priceless Gift!

~ May Musical Creativity Always be ~

~ Wishing You All Love & Light ~ with Bright Blessings ~



Sent: Monday, July 09, 2012 6:01 PM
Subject: mike smith

I recorded an album with Spaceward in 1979 entitled 'Raindance', just fir the record I am alive and well and still playing, if anyone is at all interested they can contact me at:

Thanks guys

Kind regards

Michael Smith
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 5:55 PM
Subject: Re. interesting Spaceward gear

Hi Guys,

Many years ago I bought a second-hand Simmons SDSV brain, which came with a custom audio interface box labelled 'Spaceward'. I never used the box, as it appears to be for matching acoustic trigger input levels to the SDSV, and I trigger the SDSV directly from a sequencer. Now I'm having a clear-out, and I intended to sell the interface (though I'm keeping the SDSV). Researching it brought me to your website, which I found fascinating. Do you know anything about the origins of this box, or what sessions it might have been used on? Is it unique? Do you know of anyone who might be interested in making me an offer for it? I've attached a photo which I hope will jog some memories!

Chris Jenkins


This was a custom one-off device I made for Dave Stewart during the period he and Barbara Gaskin were using the studio heavily in the mid '80's.
Dave was a big user of Simmons drums, and he discovered that the drum sound generators sounded much more interesting when triggered from a more complex waveform than the "click" generated by a Simmons pad or a sequencer trigger. Although that produces the standard Simmons "dff", using a more complex trigger causes the Simmons sound module to generate an extended, weightier, sound.
Accordingly, Dave asked me if I could do something to augment the click triggers, and I suggested this idea. Each channel is basically a damped oscillator, which when triggered, generates a burst of low frequency oscillation. AFAIR it has controls for the frequency and the damping, which control the sound and duration of the extended trigger to be fed to the Simmons unit.
So it is more than just an interface, it is designed to augment the sound of the basic Simmons kit, and lend it a new, more complex and often darker character. It is only of use together with the Simmons. Anyone with an interest in Simmons drums would find this fascinating, and I suspect, irresistible. I only built one unit, so the result is, of course, a unique sound for the Simmons owner interested in getting more innovative sounds than you can get with a basic kit.
Mike Kemp, June 2012


Sent: Saturday, April 07, 2012 8:36 PM
Subject: message book

We recorded our first single in your studio’s way back in 1978 – Street fighter & Leaving you - on the spectra records label.  It was a great session. Nice vibes. Although the band split five years later we produced 3 singles & an album ‘’Road to Ruin’’ (and it did!)  I can’t remember the engineers name at Spaceward but he had a limp due to a problem with one of his legs. Does he still work there?  I must drop in next time I’m in the area, check out your studio. I’m sure it’s changed a bit since 1978!!

Glad to hear you’re still in business.



Dale Nathan ex Lead vocalist (Mother’s Ruin) 


Subject: The VDs
Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2012 8:03 PM

Just noticed the reference to the band on your site. I was the drummer. Don't know what happened to the other guys - Steve on guitar, Pete on bass and John the singer, but thought I could provide a little more info. We travelled down from Derby on 18/8/1980 and spent the day recording a few songs which I have copies of (well four of them). Thanks to Mike Kemp for engineering. Unfortunately not long after we all went our separate ways! Happy days!

Cheers, Tony.


Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2011 9:29 AM
Subject: for Jim Gillespie

I was idly googling 'Ivy Todd Farm' the other day and came to your website. I found it very interesting and I thought you might like a copy of the newpaper cutting I still have about a pop concert organised by Steve Brink way back then.

I have also attached one about our trips to India for your interest!

Best wishes

Linda Paisley (Brown as was)

All-night pop concert in Ashdon field

Ashdon trio ignore perils of India venture


Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2011 10:53 AM
Subject: Snakehips Arnold and the King of Boogie

Hi there,

I saw that you put a link to my blog (for the Gigymen entry). Thank you very much for that!

For info, I recently posted a review of the Snakehips LP (and there's the history of the album).

Then, you could be interested in knowing that The Kids Are Ok! and My Old Man by Bob Hughes will be re-released very soon (this month I believe). =)

Thanks again for your great website.

Best wishes,



Sent: Saturday, October 08, 2011 8:40 PM
Subject: Jumpleads

Wow, can't believe I found this. Googled The Stag Must Die and it brought me here. I used to work in a public music library in Croydon in the 80's and someone ordered TSMD, and I played it and loved it. Recorded it on my old music centre and played it until it got too stretchy. I've recently copied it onto my ipod, I just need to see if I can remove the stretchiness with Spotify or something, cos it's really not great to listen to anymore, lol! But I never realised it had such a pedigree, I thought it was just some little indie band who'd recorded there album in someone's basement somewhere! I've never found any reference to it on the web before, if I hadn't got the recording, I'd be thinking I'd imagined it.

kind regards

Nothing Matters but Everything Counts

Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2011 1:08 PM
Subject: Hondo

Im so glad i found this site :) i have great memories of hondo growing up in the same street as neville and now im tight with livin roots another great cambridge reggae band ! I hope i can get them to learn/play some of hondo's tunes especially jah jahs children :) time will tell


Sent: Monday, May 16, 2011 12:13 AM
Subject: Spaceward sessions


I did a lot of recording in the 87-88 era on my second album at Spaceward with Tony Leonard producing alongside both Owen Morris and
Jim Abbiss. I remember it as a great studio with great staff.

I have some photos which I will try and scan and get to you for the site.

Phil Watts

Phil Watts


Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2011 10:42 PM
Subject: Hello from a Spaceward client from the late 70s

Hi Gary / Mike

I've just found your website and it reminded me of two visits to Spaceward in 1978 and 1980.

I'm a drummer and did demos in 1978 with a Folk Rock band called Oscar the Frog and in 1980 with a Prog Rock band called Inshala (Gary also traveled to Barnsley to video Inshala and do live sound).

I still have the original cassettes in original Spaceward packaging and the Umatic video master plus lots of photos from the Inshala gig and studio sessions.

If you'd be interested in copies of anything for your archive just let me know. I'm a sound engineer myself now so transferring the audio and exporting it as an appropriate format would not be a problem.

The video has been transferred to VHS already so making a digital copy shouldn't be too hard.

All the best


Great to get your email with news of the two sessions - many thanks for that - please send copies of cassettes and videos and we'll be delighted to share them!


Sent: Monday, March 28, 2011 8:53 PM
Subject: Nico from Madrid / About the Stranger Still 7"

Hi there!

This is Nico from Madrid.

Do you know someone who could provide me with an original of the Stranger Still 7". Any help would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,




Sent: Monday, February 21, 2011 5:33 PM
Subject: Tony Leonard

Hi Patrick (?)

I am looking for Tony Leonard, we worked with him once. Do you know how I can contact him please.


Mick Gillett
07955 877700


Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 4:15 PM
Subject: Paragon: June 1983


I recorded with a Band called Paragon commencing 23rd June 1983 at Spaceward. Ted haydon was the engineer.

I have some very happy memories of those sessions.

I still have the 2" master that I would like to get onto something digital so that I can re-master. Although one of the tracks made it onto vinyl, the mastering with a company in Yorkshire was awful.

Do you know anyone that could capture the individual tracks from it??

Here is a link to the track sheets:

PS: paragon still play occasionally now!


Colin Fautley

Hi Colin, many thanks for your post - I've added your session to the discography along with the track sheets. Good luck to Paragon for the future!



Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2011 12:13 PM
Subject: RE: Hooknorton LP

Hi Spaceward

I’m trying to track down information regarding the Hooknorton LP “In For a Penny”. I cannot find anything on the web except your statement under Bob Hughes claiming this LP was unreleased. Well I actually have a copy complete with Picture sleeve. But the only info I have is what’s on the sleeve. Can you give me any further info on the band members, past or future activities, etc.

I bought it in the mid 1990’s from a collector/dealer friend of mine who was selling off a deceased friends collection. The collection was predominately 1960’s but there were 2 1970’s records that stood out – the Hooknorton & the Yutaka Fukuda (The First One But the Last One). Another that has turned up a couple of times is the Cobblers Last LP. A very popular folk LP amongst collectors.

Many thanks


Thanks Nick for your email and the info. Also for the scans you've sent subsequently which I've added here for Hooknorton and here for Yutaka Fukuda..


Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2010 8:52 AM
Subject: Simon Aldridge

I remember coming to your Studio all those years ago with my boyfriend then 1st husband Simon Aldridge to record 'Boogie 1,2,3' and 'Little Girl' which he wrote for me.They were happy times. He went on to work at the Polydor Offices and then Island Records. Simon left the Music Business but continues to play live I believe. I freelanced at Island on the design side. I am still a Designing in many area of Design including Interior and house refurbs. In fact last week I met up with Fran Pettican X Island. We had so much to catch upon. I am still living surrounded by many great musician and a musical life. I remember how you did live PA work, using A1 Electro Voice eliminator Bins. So much has changed with equipment. Crown and HH amps! Then what happened to Martin Audio! ................... and East Mill Turbo PA Equipment?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Well and the cakes you baked in the kitchen. All very good memories.


Best Wishes Joy Aldridge

Great post, Joy and good to hear that you still enjoy a musical life :)


Hi Spaceward!

I’m sure that this is the longest of very long shots… but, I wondered if your archive might have a recording I made with my Punk era band at Spaceward in 1978 – or possibly 79/80 ( I’m afraid time has fogged the exact details!) We were called TV Eye, were a sort of Stooges /New York Dolls influenced outfit and we were booked into Spaceward by a Birmingham record shop called ‘Inferno’ who had received a recommendation to use Spaceward from the folks at Rough Trade. We had our one ‘day of opportunity’ with you, and presumably Inferno ( long since vanished I’m afraid!) took the mix. This proposed single never saw the light of day and the band moved on…

I’m still ‘in the business – managing my daughters band who have just signed to Mute Records… when will I ever learn!

None of us even had a cassette copy and I would be so thrilled if you could find anything at all pertaining to this session!....

Here’s hoping!

All the best –

Dave Twist

Hi Dave, Thanks for your post but sorry we can't help as I'm afraid we do not have a copy of your saession in the archive. Of course it's possible that some kind soul who does will read this and get in touch - you never know!


Sent: Sunday, November 07, 2010 8:43 PM
Subject: Zeds

Hi Mark

I took some pictures of the tapes I have from the Zeds Spaceward sessions and the bill from the first session. Hope they are of some use to you. See attched.

I have very fond memories of the sessions we did and thick the music still sounds good, in no small part down to the production. Keep up the good work on the Spaceward site.

MIck Holloway

Hi Mick, many thanks for these pics which I've added to the discography and for the kind words!


Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2010 5:16 PM
Subject: Pat & Helen

Hi Mark,

Long time no speak - Dave Stewart here. Barb and I are writing some CD sleeve notes which mention Spaceward and I wondered if you could remember the surnames of the ladies who used to cook for us? Pat and Helen, right?

Sorry to come out at you out of the blue with an obscure question! We hope all's well with you.


Hi Dave, I had to ask Joe Bull to check. From his reply...

"Pat Cupit and Helen Edwards. Sadly Pat passed away about 15-20 years ago – went to the dear girl’s funeral which was packed. She was a well loved woman and having been fostering kids for 30 years she had a big family."

Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2010 11:59 AM
Subject: The Diks Demo tape Nov 78-Jan 79


I'm Paul Hutley, The Diks,

We did a demo session at Spaceward and I'm trying to get hold of a copy of the 4 tracks on CD.

Please would you be able to help me?

Thanks in advance


Sorry Paul, neither Gary nor I have a copy of this. Perhaps some kind person with a copy will see this and get in touch.


Sent: Friday, June 18, 2010 1:26 AM
Subject: long time.........


Hello whoever runs the Spaceward site, Jim Abbiss here, the photos really take me back, very nostalgic. I'm still making records & remember my brief time at Spaceward, as an assistant engineer in 1986, very fondly. I learned a great deal from Owen & Mark



Hi Jim, great to hear from you and that you are still in the biz. Please be sure to send over any sessions you engineered that I may have missed and I'll add them to the discography. Stay well! Best regards, Mark


Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 12:09 PM
Subject: So Chloe says: "My Dad did all this stuff at Spaceward in Cambridge....."!!!!

Dear Spaceward

Heilo to Gary Lucas. Thank you for the Rabbits (Kitchen Parties) , The Gangsters (the album) and Stortbeat. 1977-1979.

Just putting this material on a website: . Ten or so Spaceward recordings on there. In a week or so they'll be up

Neville Laing was the artist by the way.

Great site

Shane Roe,

Thanks Shane :) Please be sure to send us full details of those sessions so we can update the discography.


Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 10:55 PM
Subject: RE Hugh Cairns message on your forum Re Iron Maiden Info/Photos of his brother

My name is Barry Considine and I have done a lot of research about Iron Maiden around that time and can provide him with further information and perhaps a couple of photographs (although not from that session).I am not sure if you have his email address or not but if you do I was wondering if you could forward this message to him.

To give an example of the research that I have published on line so far I have been working on a tribute web page for the band Urchin (Iron Maiden guitarists Adrian Smith and Dave Murrays old band) which can be found at the following location and have been in contact with the band members including Adrian Smith. I have started work on pages for the related bands Blazer Blazer, Broadway Brats, Headlights, Berlyn.

I am also working on a web page which will list as many recordings made by Iron Maiden members past and present (including Hughs brother Paul) which can be found here (Note: work in progress).

On a Spaceward Studios aside. During some research I came across Tony Miles who used to play guitar in the band Gibraltar (fronted by former Maiden singer Dennis Wilcock). Gibraltar recorded there demo at Spaceward around 1979/80. I will have to tell him to drop a note on the forum. Dennis Wilcock also recorded here in 1978 with the band V1 (which he formed after leaving Maiden). Maiden Bassist Steve Harris was so impressed with the V1 recording that he chose Spaceward for his demo.

Would appreciate any help you can give me.

Kind Regards

Barry Considine

Hi Barry - many thanks for your email - absolutely brilliant info!


Sent: Saturday, December 26, 2009 2:55 PM
Subject: Mike Smith - Raindance


I have a12” vinyl – Raindance by Mike Smith recorded at Spaceward Studios in 1979 engineered by Mike Kemp and produced by Mike Smith and Gary Lucas.

I knew Mike in the late 70’s after he returned from the Middle East and lived in Levenheath, Suffolk. Does anybody know what became of him?



Sent: Saturday, November 28, 2009 10:23 AM
Subject: AHEADS

Hi there,

I am Werner from the German punk outfit called the AHEADS.

We did the recording for our only album at Spaceward about the end of July 1981. I remember that I choose Spaceward because I liked the Mekons Single "Where were you" . It is still one of my alltime favourites. By that time there was no affordable Studio in Germany that could deliver that kind of sound.

You just had installed the 24-track. We recorded 16 songs in 6 days with Joe Bull.

We had a great time in the studio and great Kebabs in the evening in Cambridge.

And we had a really great sound in the studio.

Then it came down to the cutting process at Porky’s. Porky immediately found out that there was something wrong with that recording and after a phone call with Spaceward it was that the Dolby System did not work properly. As we did not have the time to do it all over again Porky tried his best to make it sound. But it never was the sound we had in the studio and we were unhappy with things all our live. The Record later sounded like there were 2 blankets above the speakers.

Never the less the Record was received very well in Germany and is still an object for collectors. You can buy it at ebay for 75 euros.

As there is still so much interest in the Band and the music we are trying to bring it out on CD now.

I remember that we took the 24 track and the master tape to Germany. The 24 track was used for other productions later - I think.

Our record Company “ Aggressive Rock Produktionen” was sold to “Sanctuary Records” some years ago and than later to “Universal”.

I did a request at “Universal” but there is no such thing as a “AHEADS” mastertape.

We are about to remaster the album from Vinyl – but now I had the idea to ask you if you probably have an original or copy of that mastertape we took down to Porky’s?

That would be unbelievable!

Anyway – I enclose some pictures from the AHEADS at Spaceward.

You can find out more about the AHEADS – we broke up in 1983 – under

I hope to hear from you

have a nice day



Hi Werner, many thanks for your post and also for the photos and sound sample all of which I have now posted in the discography here


Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2009 1:15 AM
Subject: Obscure Gem?

A bit presumptuous maybe but I was blown away with the production back then thanks to Gary Lucas.

Released on Clay Records from Stoke on Trent. The second single before Discharge inexplicably took off and arsed everything up.

It was myself who insisted on draggin' the band to a cold and windy Cambridge back in April 1980 (I was 16!).

Played a lovely old Gretsch kit I remember - with a sublime warm analog sound to the other instruments - including some pretty primitive synths..

Crucially the recording made us sound a hell of a lot better than we were.

I hated the label, logo, the sleeve artwork and probably the rest of the band but loved this recording. Can't get a drum sound like it today even on my TD12.

Mike Stone who started Clay took a few others there after us.

Love to see more pics of the old place - I wish it were still there.

What became of Gary post Strangled?

Rob Wild.

Thank you for the very kind compliments - ah, those were the days!


Sent: Sunday, November 01, 2009 5:11 PM
Subject: spaceward / subculture info


i've just seen a mail from someone at spacewrd studios on the Subculture myspace page.

I'm the old guitarist from the band. Someone was requesting some info on our single recorded at spaceward. It would be nice to be a part of the Spaceward history, so;

Well the details are that a version University City was recorded at Spaceward, for the Loud and Clear E.P. in april 82 and Gary Lucas was the engineer. Other tracks from the session later came out on a cd lp on link records.

It was released on Essential records, released by Alan McGee, who was helping us out at the time, yes the same McGee later of Creation Records.

If u need jpg of the sleeve i've sent one with this, along with a photo us recording there. Our current myspace icon foto is of the band doing vocal overdubs.

Thanks, Dean.

Hi Dean, many thanks for your email - great to get all the info for the discography and photos of your session in 1982 - see here.


Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 1:02 PM
Subject: the disco students

hello from the disco students - we recorded three singles at spaceward - and on 23.10.09 we're supporting 'stiff little fingers' at friars club, aylesbury.

slf recorded their debut album ' inflammable material ' at spaceward.

two ex spaceward acts on the same bill 30 years later - amazing!!



Sent: Sunday, July 05, 2009 2:58 PM
Subject: Krakatoa


I’m Bill Brown, the sound man in the Krakatoa picture taken in Majorca. No longer with glasses or hairstyle, but have replaced them with an equally memorable appearance. (check out Unfortunately I had split from the band by the time they recorded at the studio. I am still in constant touch with Nigel and have met Roger and his wife on several occasions. In fact we all got together once again last night to celebrate 4th of July (yeh strange one) but Nige’s new missus is from the US of A, I am still in touch with Pete Hadrill, the original ‘roadie/driver’ for the band. ‘Roadies’, such an old terminology now. They’re all ‘guitar/keyboard drum technicians’ these days. It probably still amounts to the same, over-worked and under paid! Nige is still playing well and his talents have been grossly under recognized, Roger is still performing and still pulls a mean face. I’m still ‘doing’ sound and have been an engineer since, flitting between rock’n’roll to theatre to corporate events over the years. (Check out my website Sorry to hear about Terry’s health, he was such a good performer. I wonder what happened to Elana Harris, his predecessor.

If anyone picks this up, it would be interesting to hear back.

William Brown

Libra Audio
Unit 2 Buckhurst Farm
Buckhurst Park




Sent: Friday, May 15, 2009 5:03 PM
Subject: Recording at Spaceward Studios 5/2/1979


my name is Steve Lewis and we recorded our welsh language record at your studio on Feb 5th 1979 have sent you a copy of our sleeve showing us outside your studio then I am the one in the white trousers,We were from Pontardawe in the Swansea Valley and recall meeting you in the Pontardawe Festival Which you did the P.A and sound one year do you have any badges as i lost mine during many moves. Do you have any archives or any recollection of us being there as i am trying to make up a scrap book.

The record company was set up by a guy called Geraint Williams the single was his first and being a friend of Richard [Morsie] Guitarist ,We were his first venture and the company was called Buwch Hapus[Happy Cow records] number of the record was MW1[Moo 1]I still play but now 6 string at a local venue we have a guitar workshop every tuesday night.our english band name at the time was Vortex and the song was an interpritation of our song called Journey .Trobwll is a storm or trouble in welsh hence vortex.

Cheers Steve

Great to hear from you, Steve! I've added your session (and photo) to the Discography for which, many thanks :)


Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 12:37 AM
Subject: Re-mix/record


I recorded with some friends at Spaceward 13th November 1983 and mixed the two tracks we recorded (a flute-led instrumental called 'Green Lanes' and a poppy 'Changing Faces') a few days later with Joe Bull.

We weren't a band as such, though we all played together on various other projects, so the session went under my name. I played bass, spanish guitar and recorder and did the vocal on the pop song; then there was Mike Williams on flute and alto sax, Andy Thomson, who now runs Gighouse Studios in Leamington Spa, on electric and acoustic guitars, Dick 'Buzz' Burrows on drums (he had been drummer for Coventry-based ska band 'The Swinging Cats' ), and finally Magali on clarinet.

The session went well after a late morning start, I remember seeing a very tired Gary Lucas there, who had been up all night on a session with Jean-Jacques Burnel .........

best wishes
Jim Bowers


Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 7:14 PM
Subject: hi.....


we recorded at spaceward in October 1978 with our band stepping stones.. our guitarist glynn dug out the last remaining cassette of the session and fortunatly it is in really good nick....

i can still picture us all falling down the stairs with a hammond C3 hot on our tails glad to say that no one was hurt... and then there was the moment when this lovely looking red head strolled past us all with just a towel round her and proceeded to take a bath in the room across from the mixing room the lads where all excited when they took turns looking through a fairly big hole in the wall..... cheap thrill's but good times of being 17 and not a care in the world....

if you like i will e mail you a couple of trax

hope to know if anyone remebers this??




Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 6:14 PM


Hi Guys!

So glad I found you, I recorded at the Basement in ' I think it was Victoria Street '.. in 1978-79ish..I'm sure Mike Kemp was the engineer... what a guy... he made us sound terrific...

We were a band from S.Wales by the name of DAYS of GRACE... we recorded four songs with you, and came back the following year to remix some others..

Great time, great memories, a supurb studio, and crewe..... I would love to send you mp3's of the songs, also some then and now Pix........

So good you've resurfaced......

Keep the faith, and KEEP THE FLAME ALIVE...

Yours... Dave Evans


Sent: Sunday, March 29, 2009 12:09 AM
Subject: sign guest book



I remember those early days when I was going out with Clive Wells and came to Cambridge to sing folk music with him and others.

Heather Woodhead (Was Heather Cross)


Sent: Saturday, March 14, 2009 9:45 AM
Subject: Iron Maiden demo


Hi there,
not sure if you can help, but here goes!

My brother was one of the lead guitarists with Iron Maiden at the time they recorded their original demo tape at Spaceward. He left the band around 6 months later but kept hold of the demo tape for posterity. Stupidly I lent it to a friend who then "lost it" Ah well.

Anyway, I wondered if you had any photos from that session - probably around 78/79.

WIth kind regards

Hugh Cairns

No, sorry Hugh, we have no previously unseen photos of the Iron Maiden session. But great to hear from you!


Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 1:25 PM
Subject: Canis Major/Sindy & you!


Hi Mike/Gary

I discovered your terrific website after listening to an MP3 of a old London "pirate" radio show on the net (Radio Eric), then trying to find more info. on a record they played by Canis Major.

From your pages I see you put our records by Sindy & The Action Men too!

Be great if you can advise me if you have any more info. on these two bands?

Perhaps you could kindly send me some MP3's or a cd of these artists tracks for airplay on my Blast 1386 radio show here in Reading.

I'm also thinking poss. interviews with those bands plus yourselves if interested?

Pls see for more info (blogs & photos as well as home page info).

Hope to hear. Happy to answer questions etc.


Mark (Watkins)


Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2009 12:37 PM
Subject: Hello

Hi Mark,

You may know this as you have worked with Billy (Gray) but I saw a few of your replies on various sites with regard to Syd (Roger) Barrett in Stars and some Spaceward recordings and some Corn Exchange gigs.

Billy was the drummer in The Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band when MC5, Satrs and Skin Alley were on the bill back in 1972... I was at that gig and I also saw Stars play at Fisher Hall despite internet
rumours that the Corn Exchange date was the only date...

Billy also had previously played drums in a band called The Smoke. The pre Billy joining line up had had a hit with my Friend Jack eats Sugar lumps...

check the link out

Cheers Ted


Still have the Spaceward Boxes for The lonely Sessions and Chris Hamburger Spaceward Sessions and some of the printed Spaceward cassettes of old Waves 1976 demos!!!

Plus I have several Gold Rabbit Spaceward badges and the white Rabbit badges... and the old Spaceward track listing 24tr sheets

image courtesy of Ted Koehurst


Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 6:28 PM
Subject: spaceward memories

Hi Mike, Gary, Ted and anyone else who has been involved with the legendary Spaceward.

During the late 70's I had heard of the studio through musician friends and ads in the music press and was particularly impressed by a demo which my old friend Phil Campbell (now of Motorhead) had . Phil had been an avid fan of Terry Bennett & Sassafrass and had managed to avail himself of a copy of Krakatoa's latest demo which contained such delights as "palm of your hand" We laughed when the meaning of the song was explained. I was impressed not only by the musicianship but also the quality of the recording and made a mental note to visit the studio if I ever got the chance and the cash!

I moved to Cambridge in 1982 and fell in with a dubious bunch called “Seven Fifty Four” (see Honey for Tea album) Pete Whelan (vox,) Pete Harris (guitar), Andy Clarke (drums) and bass player, Alan Cheney who occasionally did tech work for "studio time in lieu" and recorded a track a self penned ditty entitled "Give it to Me" (sorry Alan but to me, your guide vocal sounded like 4 cats locked in a cellar)! He asked if I would provide some keyboards to liven it up a bit. Always the “ligger”, I leaped at the chance to record without paying. Ted Hayton engineered and was an absolute pleasure to work with and taught me a lot about both engineering and patience. I remember toiling late into the night a number of times using my trusty Yamaha SK 20 and the house Minimoog. Was it really true Ted, that Dave Stewart wanted to know how I got the choir sound on that track or were you just boosting my confidence? On my birthday I remember Ted allowing me to sleep over so that we could work later even though I had to get to work in Cambridge early the next day.….no crabs involved though! Mike was always on hand with his friendly advice and wise words especially when at the pub! I was quiet in those days and didn't say a lot!

The next occasion at Spaceward was for the 754 single for Graham/Ross? Mckenzie’s label when Nick Barraclough arrived to do a piece on how bands record a single. This session was engineered by Gary Lucas but I'm not sure if either single or radio program were ever aired as the band split up soon after the recording. The b&w photo of me at the 2 Yamahas was taken at that session by a workmate called Larry.

I went on to join/form Cheap Sneakers see

I then formed Camera Shy with Graham “Honey Tonsils” Buxton, Bob Winch, Bill Terry, Paul Foulsham and later, the talented Chris Maitland where we took most of the the prizes (except First Prize – a day at Spaceward) at the infamous First Cambridge Rock Competition. Graham and I went on to have endless free recording time at Chris Dennis’s Metronome studios in Chatteris where we honed our recording skills working with Steve Brooks and (briefly) Julian Dawson amongst others.

Camera Shy (Mk2) fronted by Graham ended up being mentored by no less than Don Airey of Whitesnake and Gary Moore fame.

With damaged hearing I moved back to Wales in 1987 and have been involved in many projects including working with Phil Campbell and his very talented sons. Refurbishing and finding good homes for old Hammond Organs including a L100 for Coen Molenaar of Jan Akkerman’s Band. Unfortunately Spaceward’s missing C3 was not amongst them. I’ll never forget those formative experiences which led me into such interesting musical territory and taught me so much about the business.

Chris Bartlett

Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2008 2:39 PM
Subject: Patrick Scott - 1987

Hello Mark,

I worked at Spaceward in 1987 as a tape-operator/assistant engineer.

I worked with Owen, Mike, Rachel, Dean and (You on some voice-overs).

It was a very interesting job for an 18 year old!

Here are some of the sessions and artists I worked with:

Jacko Jakszyck & the Dizrythmia album.

The Art of Noise album - In No Sense? Nonsense! (Ted Hayton and I recorded the boy’s choir in Ely Cathedral)

Katrina & the Waves - With Alex's very load Drumming!

The Stranglers - All Day and All of the Night 7" VICE1

Jack the Bear - Bearfootin

The Fatback band - rehearsed in the studio before a live gig.

Gaye Bykers on Acid - rehearsed with us for a week after they were signed with Virgin.

Steve Breeze - Demo

Tony Leonard (glitter band) – Producer

Owen Morris introduced me to sound engineering; my job was to calibrate the Studer A80 24 track

Tape recorder and the Dolby A system with test tone tapes and an audio oscillator.

The Mixing desk was very advanced at the time, with a computer to store and recall settings.

The desk could be controlled via SMPTE time-code which was recorded onto track 24.

It was my job was to clean the spilled Vodka & Lemonade and cigarette ash out of the faders every week!

Later I engineered on night sessions.

Everyone I worked with at Spaceward were very encouraging and I learned a lot in a short time.

It was in 1987 when the studio was burgled, whilst I was asleep in one of the back rooms at the studio.

The control room was broken into and outboard equipment was taken from the racks. We lost our Lexicon reverb, the AMS sampler and other kit.

It was a real shock to me as I had been sleeping whilst the burglary took place.

In fact it was probably a bit of good luck that I didn't wake up and go to investigate! That’s how good the sound proofing was there.

After Spaceward I worked at Heathrow Airport in radio repair, travelled around Asia for a while, then worked in the cellular telecoms industry during the 1990's.

Today I live in Cape Town, South Africa, were I have investment properties and work in the Film industry.

Thanks for putting up the Spaceward web site.

Attached herewith is a photo of myself at that legendary desk - note the "crappy AM wireless" monitor speaker used for checking the sound through a low-grade speaker.

Best wishes to all my old friends from Spaceward 1987.

Patrick Scott

Hi Patrick! Fantastic to hear from you!!! I've added your sessions to the discography and I just love that hat!


Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2008 2:39 PM
Subject: Spaceward Studio stories

Hi there.

A long shot, I know, but I found a fleeting reference on your site to Ivy Todd Farm, Ashdon (it's in the "stories" section, in an email from Jim Gillespie.)

I'm trying to find out historical details of this farm for a book about the Riding for the Disabled Association camp which took place there every summer between (about) 1973 and 2002: the current owners moved in in about '73, and claim that before they owned it, it was some sort of hippy commune.

Do you or any of your musician mates know any more about it?

Any information would be extremely gratefully received.

With kindest regards,

~dom Kaos~


Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2008 10:01 AM
Subject: Powell-Morrison band [Scanned]

Hi..great to stumble across your site..brought back lots of memories..still have the tracks we recorded there and they are now on cd along with lots of other stuff, including rare Spriguns tracks that were never released! Wayne Morrison is back in Australia but most of the band are still gigging round Cambridge. A really informative site and much appreciated.

Dick Powell

Hi Dick, great to hear from you - please send me the dates and other details of the sessions for the discography here :)


Sent: Sunday, March 30, 2008 10:42 PM
Subject: TErry Bennett

Hi Dve ,& all you guys.
Terry Bennett ,You remember KRAKATOA.Only just found the site. Do you still have any of our songs on tape.? I now live in Spain,& would love you to send me a copy of any,yoou have, I have Great memoriesof your studio.unfortunatly I suffered a stroke two years ago,so the tapes would go a great wy to bring back good times.Thanks for the sounds all the Best Terry Bennett.
I am sill in touch with Hans Nigel & Dave Poxon,but have lost contact with Roger.Lets talk soon.Terry

Sorry Terry, I've lost Roger's email but he should read this here eventually and then I'll put you both in touch :) Thanks for your kind comments. Best wishes!


Hi Mark,

As promised a thousand years ago, here's The Higs at Spaceward in a nutshell + a couple of photos. We've spoken a little in recent months about doing a reunion show or two, but availability of all 5 members and a large dose of cold feet about it all means that it remains somewhere near the back burner...

Higs 1980 photo, L-R: > Colin Williams, Switch, Simon Charterton, Dave Cummings, Terry Edwards

Best wishes, Terry

Many thanks Terry - there's a place for you guys in the Hall Of Fame :)


Sent: Monday, February 18, 2008 10:55 AM
Subject: Pink Fairies At the Corn Exchange


Excellent web-site!

If that recording of the Pink Fairies (at the Cambridge Corn Exchange in January 1972) ever turns up, I would definitely love to hear about it. Live recordings of them from this period are scarce.

A great book about the Pink Fairies has just come out: 'Keep It Together! Cosmic Boogie with the Deviants and the Pink Fairies', by Rich Deakin (Headpress publishers). It doesn't mention the Cambridge gig, but I'm pretty sure there are some references to Syd Barrett in there.

Neil Pettigrew

Hi Neil, The Pink Fairies were definitely on top form that night and played a blinder! We hope to see this released one day but, so far, we haven't found a label who'll release it. Thanks for the info re the book BTW :)


Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 3:36 PM
Subject: Krakatoa


Dave Oakes here, your effects and keyboard roadie of old. Seems you are doing OK, not as well as Hans but who is? (who'd of thought such a pretentious keyboard player would do so well).

I'm now involved in software - indoor work/no heavy lifting, not as much fun as being on the road, but it pays a tad more.

Spaceward looks good, do you remember the Maison Rouge studio? I really liked that place, or was it the babe on reception I really liked? it was such a long time ago.

Anyway it's good to know you are fine, do you still hear from beefy, I imagine he's not aged particularly gracefully - I know I haven't!

Best Wishes


Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2008 12:14 PM
Subject: guestbook

Wow this site brought back memories. From the feverish aniticipation once we had stuck the pin in the Spaceward ad in the back of Melody Maker, to our arrival in the very posh town of Cambridge. Even the Berni inn was dauntingly upper crust.

April 1979. We were "The Big Bad Nasty Band", three hopefuls from deepest rural Yorkshire who managed to record at least one track at Spaceward, "Flying Cats", that made it to the playlist of a NY rock radio station. Why Jimmy Page cannot reconcile himself with the fact that his creative juices may have simply dried up and borrow it (as I have suggested on many occasions) escapes me.

Gary was the engineer - a real trooper who despite the fact we had only booked the sudio for the day kept going until gone 2 in the morning, and tidied up some loose ends the next day. I believe he may have started to regret having installed the false window and curtains with artificial daylight behind intended to offset the permanent seasonal affective disorder that comes from working in a basement all day. Unfortunately it had the same effect on us as fresh oxygen and free poker chips in a Las Vegas casino.

As it turned out this was probably the start of the middle of the beginning of the end for us - there's no more subtle message than the desperate look in the eyes of a seriously sleep deprived engineer to tell you that your 12 string intonation stinks, and that adding ever more eventide harmoniser (didnt you just love that thing!) to dodgy vocals won't fool the A&R types. So we had no option but to move on from the rock n roll dream and become the presidents of international stockbroking firms etc.

As I sit here down the road in Saffron Walden all these years later holding the mastertape with Gary's hand written track list there's just one thing that continues to erk me, especially being unable to play the tape. I simply can't remember playing anything called "Equaliser azimuth 12 decibels below din level" or somesuch - sounds way too Floydy for us.


Hi Richard, many thanks for this welocme addition to the discography :) your email made me laugh out loud!


Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2008 4:41 PM
Subject: attention: jim gillsepie about STEVE BRINK

dear jim,

i am doing various bits of research about the halcyon daze of yore and am possibly going to do a website for formerly fat harry - hux records are about to release a cd of unreleased recordings by them in feb 08.

goodbye for good

is steve brink still around? if not who would be good to corroborate all those live gigs, dates, line-ups from 70/71 at the dorothy etc?

been huge fan/supporter of the soft boys since 1977 and still good mates with mr rew

best wishes

nigel cross


Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2007 11:27 AM
Subject: Re: Spaceward site

Mark : further to the attached, find attached photos of the original Victoria St studio, before and after acquisition of the 16-track in 1975 (see my earlier email for the date we collected it). I'm also attaching a photo taken in 1977 of the stage for (I think) the Albion Dance Band outside the National Theatre ... Spaceward provided the PA.

Best Regards ... Peter Robinson

Absoulte gold!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2007 4:34 PM
Subject: Blast from Past

Remember Spaceward when it was in a front room off parkers Piece, before they got all posh.

Used them for demo`s when I and my gang (Powell Morrison Band) were contracted to Chappell Music as writers in the mid to late seventies.

Was always fascinated by Mike`s homemade kit & how amazingly well it all performed.

Highlight for me was sticking the front of my enormous 2x15" bass cabinet into the chimney in the basement live room to record it on one occasion.

Bit hazy on titles but mine was "Me and you", Wayne Morrison had "Sunrise in South Australia" and "Suzy Girl"
Sessions would have been some time in 1978/9.

I had done other stuff in Spaceward before that but cant remember for whom or what!

I well remember the tiny little studio-ette they had on the ground floor prior to the move, as you had to stop recording if an especially noisy bus or lorry went by outside!

FWIW the first recording I ever made in Cambridge was upstairs at the Red Cow in about 1962, for an EP released on Granta Records that year, with a band called (believe it or not!) Johnny "R`n B" Phillips and the Hi-Fi`s.
Earlier, the drummer had been the late lamented Councillr John Phillips but at that time the drummer was John "Willie" Wilson of Cochise/SBQ/Dave Gilmour solo album fame & lead guitar was Tony Joliffe, who sadly died very young when he was part of Heinz`s backing band in the mid-sixties.

Oh - and of course you prolly already know my connection with the Soft Boys.

Just remembered my 1975-1978 band Chameleon also did some sessions in Spaceward at one time - I will contact Ross Shortreed in Canada for details as he remembers everything!

Happy days!

Wow! Fantastic, thank you!I've updated the discography with your info :)


Sent: Friday, November 09, 2007 2:44 AM
Subject: 13th Chime

Hello Spaceward Studios,

My name is Caleb, I run a NYC based record label called Sacred Bones. I am working with the band 13th Chime from Cambridge on re-issuing there music.

There first single "Cursed" was recorded at your studio in 1981 by one Joe Bull. Since then the band has lost the masters for there music, and at this stage we are forced to use the vinyl as the master. I know that this is a total shot in the dark, but they wouldn't still be kicking around there would they?

Even if not, I would love to know if you have any information or any stories from the sessions. I am trying to compile any and all information that I can. I would really appreciate any help. Thank you so much for your time!

All the best

P.S.- Holy shit, what a discography you have!!!!

Hi Caleb, I don't have this but I've emailed Joe in the hope that he may a personal copy. Hello to 13th Chime and good luck with the re-issue!


Sent: Monday, October 08, 2007 8:30 AM
Subject: The Users

Hi Guys

A very good more info link for :

The Users Sick Of You -
The Users Listen It's Not True etc...Demos ( soon to be released on Detour Records )
The Users Kicks In Style

Hey also it'd be great to link The Users myspace page !!!!!


Chris Free

Thanks Chris - got it! :)




Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 11:23 AM
Subject: Spaceward site

Hello ... I've just discovered the Spaceward history site, very interesting ... especially as I used to help out Mike and Gary in 1975 and 1976 while they were at Victoria Street, and took a couple of the photos that you've posted on the site (the Lewes castle ones). I'm in the process of scanning many more old pictures from those years, are you interested ?

All the best ... Peter Robinson

Fantastic!!! Please, please, PLEASE - send those scans :)


Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2007 6:26 PM
Subject: happy memories!

Love looking at the site and remembering my time there when I was recording with Spiritwalk after winning the great Cambridge rock comp in 1998 ..

Now back playing again with some friends in my village, having a great time and finally making the move from endless covers to own material.

I was on the guestbook earlier and said I'd return when we had a myspace page. Well, its still very much a "work in progress", and the songs are basically live takes, but give a clue as to where we're at. What I'd really like is some quality studio time!
Anyway, here it is.

feel free to check it out. We will be improving song versions, adding new material, videos and maybe a few gig listings if we can generate some interest.

Richard Tofts


Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 12:13 AM
Subject: Lost Spaceward Mastertapes

Thanks Karen for that info re the recently discovered 1/2 inch mastertape. I am still searching for the tapDave Dutfield (late of the Albion Band) made in about 1976 or was it 1876? !! (yes, 'seems like only yesterday' as the old folks I remember as a child used to say - now look!!).

The master lost was recorded in the 'Mark Two' studio in Victoria Street and featured the 'new' (I think it was called). ADT which basically automatically double-tracked the vocals or whatever.

Bang up to date, i am playing now with a great St Albans based singer-song writer called Pete Waters and his band - Ballyhooley - with me still on mandolin as in the Spaceward days down in the basement!!

He's just cut a new album and is looking for pressings etc so have passed your details onto him.
Pete played last week at the Cambridge Folk Festival as part of the Wild Willy Barret band - remember him?!
(Strange as Dave Dutfield and myself backed Wild Willy in Bedford at about the time we were recording in Victoria Street - talk about life being circular!!)

All the best to all out there and Mike Kemp, you still owe me that pint from the pub near the Victoria Street studios!

Bruce Fursman of Bruce & Dave


Sent: Friday, July 13, 2007 4:25 PM
Subject: Old Master Tape

Hiya, stumbled across the site. We did lots of pressings for Spaceward Studios "back in the old days! I was a young girl then!! I have found a Master Tape 1/2 " of "Legend". Does it belong to anyone there? Does anyone want it? It is dated 17/6/84. If I come across any others (doubtful now) I will let you know. SRT is still going strong but all CD or DVDs now. Anyone wanting any quality Mastering work with Print & Pressings then please look us up.

Thanks Karen Kenney 01480-461880

Fantastic news, thanks! Glad to know SRT still going strong :)


Sent: Friday, June 08, 2007 10:05 PM
Subject: RE: My Hammond!!

I'm the gormless one peering over the edge of the Hammond - C3 wasn't it ?

We used it on our almost-but-still-a-few-miles-short-of-being-a-big hit record "Money & Time" and it sounded bloody magnificent, but the record company didn't like it so we replaced it with a cheesy sounding DX7 "organ". I also used it with "Jack the Bear" most notably on a track called "Carshunting". We stood it in the middle of an empty live room, taped the swell pedal to the floor and let go all Jon Lord into the great cavernous space.

I remember it hanging around for a while when I was working for Spaceward Microsystems, while the studio was still open. We came across the Lesley hidden beneath a huge pile of boxes only because it's magnets were pulling the colours on a delivery of very expensive tellies.

We tried to use the CS-80 for a JTB session I think, but it kept going out of tune and took it two hours of valuable studio time to hump it out of its box and construct the stand. It had an amusing piece of velcro-like strip along the top which served as a modulation "wheel". I beleive it may have been the first ever synth with "presets" - under two flaps on the top there were duplicates of all the top panel knobs but in miniature, so that you could set your own sounds and lock them away under the flaps ready for action.

My memory (known to be fallible tho') is that Jean Jacques Burnel had the Hammond (or perhaps Dave ?), and probably the Mini Moog. I wonder if he had the CS-80 too ?

I'm still working at the Old School Stretham - now headquarters of SADiE. The building has changed quite a lot, but the car park is almost identical and still turns into a swimming pool when it rains.

Great site Mark - good to see it keeps being updated, and great to see some of the old names and pics.

Steve Penn / great divide / jack the bear / spaceward microsystems / sadie

Hi Steve, great to read your post :) Yes, it was a C3. Delighted to see the recent release of "Money & Time" by The Great Divide on Gott Discs btw - so many good tracks there!


Sent: Saturday, May 19, 2007 7:14 PM
Subject: roger adams

Hi can you help? I am trying to track down a guitarist caled Roger Adams. He played with Krakatoa and The Desperate Dan Band.

Back in the late sixties I played with Roger in a couple of local Brighton bands but have lost touch over the last few years.

I would be grateful for any contact info or details of any gigs he may still be doing.

Hope you can help

Mick Fardell


Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2007 2:26 PM
Subject: spiritwalk

Hi there
I remember doing some recording way back in 1988 with Spiritwalk. We'd just won the Cambridge rock competition and we came and recorded a couple of numbers for a tentative single. As far as we know the single was never released ( it could always have been released and made millions in Italy, the home country of our then producer I suppose! ) and we split the next year, with Rich, the drummer going on to tour with Gary Numan and Ezio to embark on a succesful new venture. I've been playing again for the last three years after a premature retirement and now the band has some own material and is doing some home demos. Wonder if we could afford to come back for a day or two....!
Richard Tofts

Hi Richard, thanks for the heads-up. Ezio is great! Good luck with the band :)


Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2007 2:20 PM
Subject: Julian Cope

Just found the Spaceward page and thought you might want a couple of pictures I took of Julian Cope during the recording of Fried at Spaceward up at Streatham. I went there with Jon Lewin who was interviewing him for Making Music magazine.

I should also have some pictures of the Radio Cambridgeshire broadcast which I'll send on when I can find them.

Also played harmonica on the 2nd Fish Turned Human ep, didn't know there was a 3rd one, and harmonica on the Hearthrobs, as well (same label as FTH I think, but not in your discography, I've got a copy and sleeve somewhere and can scan these if you want them).

David Bragg

Wow! Fantastic!!! Many thanks for this info David :) I am delighted to add these lost items to the discography


Sent: Friday, March 30, 2007 2:31 AM
Subject: Ersatz / Leisure Sounds/ The Hippies / Cambridge

Dear Spaceward

It's not tooooooo late to give us a contract. We've been waiting (nigh on) 20 years. Folks are starting to do cover versions of our stuff!

Well I hope this finds you well. You'll have NO idea who I am but have a look here, please:

Our mum hung out with Ersatz / Cyrenians / Sean Barker / Heidi Krebbs / Nigel Woodrow/ John Stell / Leisure Sounds, say between 1979-1984 - ring any bells?

Don't matter if not!

All the best


NB: Definitely get yourself onto the old MY SPACE. Is easy and fun and strangely life-affirming.
Hey Matt! Welcome to you and all The Hippies. Your songs sound great - and not just because production is by Hugh Ashton! Please say Hi to Ruth and to any other Leisure Sounders you happen to happen across :)


Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 11:13 PM
Subject: The Brotherhood

Hi Mark,

What a great site, a real blast from the past etc! I saw Ali's comments and just wanted to expand on/echo them a bit. We used a lot of different studios in the '80's and none came close to the unique vibe or the sound of Spaceward (not even a famous EMI studio in NW London). Our first sessions there with you were easily the best and even now sound great.

To answer your question, no, none of The Brotherhood stuff made it to vinyl and perhaps its just as well considering how horrible the music business is. I have a large selection of photos from the various times we recorded, there are equipment shots, Spaceward personnel pics, cat shots etc. If you'd like to include any of them on the site I can pop 'em in the post. Good memories.

Best wishes

Duncan Ferguson
Hi Duncan :) Great stuff! Please do send any pics you have of the sessions and I'll be delighted to post them for all to see :)


Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 6:58 AM
Subject: the zeros

Hi we recordered at Spaceward in spring 1980

Chelsea Girl and I Remember on this link, no idea who did what engineer etc, lol!!

Great to find the Spaceward thingy, you should 'myspace' too!


Many thanks for the heads-up - The Zeros session now added to the Discography :)


Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2006 11:08 PM
Subject: Dave & Bruce Missing Master?

Hi 'Space' men and women! We/I am still trying to locate a stereo master that the Boyo, Dave Dut and myself recorded 'down' in Victoria Street in the late 1970s. It featured tracks such as 'Nothing Really Matters', and probably the best song we ever wrote and recorded called, " Love Me Forever". I only have an old cassete, (Mike's copy) and would love to get hold of the quarter inch master again.

Hope to get some pics on the site as soon as this old PC dies and I get a half decent one!

Good to hear from you s

Bruce (of Dave & Bruce).

If it is of any interest to anyone, I still have (half tuned), the round backed mandolin that a fella called, Nick Drake aka Cambridge once played at a gig I did before I met Dave. We used the mando on a few tracks in Victoria Street ie " Everone's Dreaming" etc but it was a b..ger' to keep in tune and has served as a wall monument ever since waiting for 'that' setup!

Great stuff! The session has now been added to the discography. Please, please, PLEASE send those pics! :)


Sent: Saturday, November 25, 2006 8:43 PM
Subject: helen west LP


Ive just picked up a copy of the Helen West LP, its signed too! the title is Let Me Stay Awhile, Rosemont Records ROS 001 1984 produced by helen west and joe bull, engineered by joe bull.

if you want a pic of the cover for the spaceward discography let me know


richard frost

by the way i once lived quite close to the original studio, in 1972 to 1975 in Earl Street, Cambridge as a lodger with Storm Thorgersons mother, he of the famous Hipgnosis LP covers, which adorned Pink Floyd records

Many thanks Richard - yes please let us have that pic of the cover art :)


Sent: Sunday, October 22, 2006 9:19 PM
Subject: Norwegian recording in 1985

I went to Spaceward Studios in the summer of 1985 to start the recording of my fourth album called Daylight in the dark
( . I was working with Gary Lucas and Mike Kemp, and the studio assistant was Owen Morris. My co-producer was Jean Jacques Burnel of The Stranglers. He also did bass parts and vocal parts. We also worked with keyboardplayer Dave Greenfield (The Stranglers) and pedal-steel guitarist B. J. Cole. The Spaceward sessions were the starting point for this record, and the album was completed, mixed and released in Norway in the winter of 1986. I know that J. J. Burnel returned to Spaceward with The Stranglers to record and finish their 1986 album Dreamtime. This album also included B. J. Cole with the Stranglers for the first time. (as far as I know), and Owen Morris is now engineer.

I hope this information is of interrest to you and your site.

Best regards
Espen Beranek Holm (a. k. a. Beranek)
Oslo, Norway
Hi Beranek, I remember your sessions and the day that living legend B.J. Cole visited. It's now added to the Discography - thanks!


Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 11:09 PM
Subject: spaceward discography


Noticed you've listed the Diamond Lil single on your site and thought you might be interested to know the full recording date, it was the 27th September 1976. Would have been nice if the band had told me this BEFORE the sleeves got printed....

Take care,


Thanks malc - exact date now added to Discography :)


Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2006 6:19 PM
Subject: Re: Spacward Stuff

Hi Mark,

Just to let you know, the book's finished now (some info attached).

One day we'll crack the mysteries of Raw Records!

Anyway, thanks for your help.



A Complete History Of Punk From 1976-1980
Alex Ogg

Release Date: October 2006 Cherry Red Books

Punk rock: it’s a well-worn subject, but this new book extends the searchlight beyond the King’s Road, Roxy and West London – though that crucial scene is by no means neglected. It also encompasses some of the truly fantastic music (and sometimes truly less than fantastic records) that emerged in the wake of the Sex Pistols. The idea has been to give the progenitors their due, but to listen to the reverberations around the UK, from Exeter to Inverness. Participants (musicians, fanzine writers, observers) recount first-hand stories of flea pit gigs, desperately financed singles and local rivalries – punk as it was understood and lived on the ground. The enduring impact of punk belonged to the shires of Britain as well as the celebrated urban gene pool of the capital, where it played out, with a mixture of indomitable personal courage and amoral teenage mischief-making, amongst the alienated of shitsville UK. In the process punk is revealed as a much broader church than other histories have depicted, an entry point for young men and women (and a significant helping of old codgers) from differing backgrounds, with widely ranging sensibilities and aspirations.

The book assesses each of the major ‘punk artists’, candidly, on their output, following their development to the present day. There’s an effort to redress perceived wisdom about the value of those careers as the 70s turned into the 80s, when many of the original punk bands actually made their best records. While many names will be familiar others will not. Hence time is devoted to punk’s splintered personality post-1977. From those bands that took it as an inviolate template, to those who embraced it as a rebirth for the original spirit of rock ‘n’ roll to those, finally, who judged it the end of rock music and a jumping off point for something completely new. There is no unifying view or theory behind these accounts, instead the book serves as an attempt to capture the beautiful chaos engendered by competing voices as the walls came tumbling down. The idea is to be inclusive and celebratory rather than cynical. Therefore opinions are sought from outside the tight huddle of usual suspects and would-be elitists, drawing on bemused and bewildered non-participants to events, as well as those who served in the trenches. There is no attempt to locate the ‘meaning’ of punk, nor to run a slide rule over qualifications for its status. The author has instead, in the majority of cases, let the protagonists make their own cases. Where possible the bands concerned have exercised the right of reply, leading to a more balanced account of their own history. Some 200 interviews were completed in the course of researching the book, leading to a plethora of first-hand insights and anecdotes.

A secondary aspect of the book is the comprehensive documentation of the releases, both contemporary and retrospective, of the bands of the era. It’s an attempt to address the jungle of retrospective CDs and box sets, the sheer volume of which indicates the continued fascination around this period in British musical history.

• Over 300 individual band/artist biographies
• Use of several unpublished photos
• Forewords by Captain Sensible and David Marx
• Complete discographies featuring capsule reviews and source notes
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Sent: Thursday, October 05, 2006 3:31 PM
Subject: Spaceward LP's

Hello , first off I'd like to say what an intresting site you have there.

On looking thru your discography I have 2 LP's by a guy called "Bob Hughes" who's LPs were recorded at Spaceward but dont appear on the discography.

so for the sake of completion they are :

Bob Hughes Band : "The Kids are OK" , recorded at spaceward , Feb 1978 : Engineers Gary Lucas and Mike Kemp : Full printed sleeve production : issued on "Puddlebrook records : Cat # IRPH 16

Bob Hughes : "My Old Man , recorded at spaceward , AUGUST 1976 : Engineer "Gary of Spaceward" : Plain white sleeve with printed insert : issued on "Puddlebrook records : Cat # 3SLP8-A....Masters cut by "George Peckham (porky!!)

let me know if you want or need any photos.

appologies upfront if these are already recorded in your archives and I've just missed them on the site.


Dai Heafield

Fantastic news! Very many thanks for this info on an Obscure Gem :)


Sent: Sunday, September 24, 2006 11:07 PM
Subject: The River - Mick Stevens

Hi all,

Can't believe I found this site, after all these years, and have just spent a highly nostalgic evening reading through the pages.
I had the privilege of joining Mick Stevens, to add keyboards and backing vocals to the River, at Spaceward in 1977. I had been a former "Impy Grinner", and was delighted to offer my services when he called. My memories of the time we spent there have stayed with me through the years; and my delight that Mick's music is now gaining some sort of critical recognition, is overwhelming. If ever a guy appeared on the scene before the world was ready for him, it was Mick Stevens - just wish he could be here to take a bow........

The sessions in Cambridge were a pure delight, with some hilarious and emotionally charged moments. Funny how you remember the trivia though, innit.... like Mike and Gary's delight, when my girlfriend cooked everyone a blinding "roast dinner", at the end of a particularly long (and stressful) day!

Keep up the good work, and I'll keep looking in.

Stewart Booth

Hi Stewart, many thanks for your post :) I'm particularly pleased we were able to furnish Shadoks Music with the master tapes from these sessions so that a high quality CD could be released. If you happen to find any old photos...


Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006 7:40 PM
Subject: From Somtow Sucharitkul

Hi guys,

I ahem. stumbled on this website. Actually, I received an email from J W Middendorf II from whom I had not heard for like 10 years, and I started to sort of google around.

I've got some original 10" masters here done by you! If only I could put them onto DAT, or something, I could probably do a lot more with them ... maybe I can donate them to your archives in exchange for a fresh, nice digital copy?

Well ... miss you all


Somtow Sucharitkul
Artistic Director
Bangkok Opera

Hi Somtow, many thanks for this kind offer :) We gladly accept!



Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2006 5:29 PM
Subject: My Hammond!!

I was mulling over the fate of my Hammond organ the other day and decided to look up Spaceward Studios on the website, for that was where I played it last. Low and behold there are two photographs of my old Hammond with Leslie cabinet.

It was in the early 80s that we decided to record a demo at Spaceward. The sessions went well, but we were an impecunious bunch of musicians at the time and couldn't afford to pay for the studio time. So, we left the Hammond at the studio as a wee bit of security until sufficient funds were available. Unfortunately, the band split and the money never appeared and my organ didn't come home. It's a sad tale, and a tear or two came to my eye when I saw the photographs.

I wonder if anyone knows what happened to it post-Spaceward. I do hope that it found a good home. Jings but it brings back memories..........

Kevin Redgewell

Boo Hewerdine and Steve Penn of The Great Divide with Kevin's Hammond

Hi Kevin

Blimey, you'd have thought we'd have noticed a spare Hammond organ and Leslie around the studio. They were pretty large and desirable items at the time. I wonder if anyone else has any recollection of this? Mark's website is a great place to ask for recollections...

And while we're on the subject, the studio used to own a fantastic Yamaha CS80 polyphonic synth. This was one of the first huge analogue poly synths and one of the last before MIDI and digital came along. It had a unique and thick sound, much loved by the likes of Stevie Wonder at the time. The funny thing is that it disappeared! And it weighed a ton - two people needed to carry it.

So let's see how good people's recollections are: anyone know the whereabouts of Kevin's Hammond or the Studio CS80 after all this time? It'd be nice to know they went to good homes and maybe helped make some memorable tracks...




Sent: Sunday, July 02, 2006 5:46 PM
Subject: hey dudes!!

Stumbled on your site............

My 1st band The Disrupters recorded our 2nd single at Spaceward back in 83. Joe Bull fucking hated us if I remember correctly :)

Strangely enough the single did OK and the A-side has just been reissued on a "best of...." CD from Overground Records.

Was cool browsing your site and we felt back in 1983 that using the same studio that recorded "Inflammable Material" by SLF was a bit like entering hallowed ground.

Regards BS

Hi Steve, many thanks for your email - I've added an entry for The Disrupters in the discography


Sent: Monday, June 05, 2006 9:09 PM
Subject: Nightclass 1981

Stumbled across your site whilst web-searching for somewhere to record my curent band. It was nice to be reminded of the short time I spent at Spaceward c1981.

I recorded with a band called Nightclass from Nottinhgam. It was only one session to do a 4 song demo but the quality and sound engineering were top quality...tape still sounds great.

Patrick Gallagher

Hi Patrick - many thanks for your kind words and the low-down on your session which I've added to the Discography :)


Sent: Monday, May 15, 2006 3:30 PM
Subject: Re: Graeme Lamb

Hi there,

I came across your web site and found it interesting.. I used to know Graeme many years ago (I'm Toni from ATV Music) and was wondering if you still see him..if you do can you please let me have his contact details, if you are uncomfortable with that you could perhaps tell him that I was enquiring after him.

Thanks and regards

Hi Tony, sorry I don't have Graeme's contact details but maybe he'll read this some day and then I can give him yours!


Sent: Saturday, April 01, 2006 11:37 AM

hello all
wicked site
jack the bear rock,and the studio was going off boys !!!!!!
graham fuller was the biggest un-sung local hero.

after working with graham im doing some massive stuff now

r.i.p. graz fuller

pete brazier

We all miss Graz - he was magic. A retrospective Great Divide CD is scheduled for release later this year on Gott Discs. Graham Fuller features on several tracks. Watch out for it.


Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2006 10:01 AM
Subject: for the record

I was very pleased with the recordings I made at Spaceward of 2 songs - "Good Timing" and "I Can Feel It" which appeared on my cd 'Rain Over The Island'. see:

best wishes


Paul Wheeler

Hi Paul! I've added your session to the Discography thanks for the heads-up and kind words.



Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2006 7:12 AM
Subject: from Japan...Nat records

hi there,

this is Ita here. I'm working punk records shop called Nat records Tokyo, Japan. I checked SPACEWARD studio site, am very interested in! I love RAW records, and some punk band recorded by SPACEWARD studio.

I started some '77 punk band interview for our web-site. so I want to talk with legendary producer/mixer
Mike Kemp, Gary Lucas. etc... if you know engineer, producer, manager of SPACEWARD in around '77, would you please let me know e-mail address??? I want to get some interviews!

I hope to hear from you soon!


NAT records
Shinmei buid 2F, 7-33. Nishi-shinjuku 7
Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 160-0023
Tel + 81-3-3368-8262
Fax + 81-3-3368-8245

Hi Ita! Many thanks for your email - I'll pass on your requests to Mike & Gary :) Which is your favourite Raw Record?


Sent: Monday, January 23, 2006 6:58 PM
Subject: urge session @ spaceward 1/11/79


found 2 more photos @ weekend in clear-out - thought you might like them. 1 is of myself & Mike or Joe? the other is John Westacott (bass) and myself

I've put a link on my site to yours If you could reciprocate that would be nice


Kevin Harrison

Many thanks Kevin - that's a VERY young Joe Bull!


Sent: Sunday, January 22, 2006 7:13 PM
Subject: Hi

Hi people,

Just found this site, very good too. I remember recording a few things at the old studio as bass player for Johnny Curious and the Strangers - my first time in a 'real' studio (apart from some stuff somewhere else with a band that included Charles Smith, later Sal Solo out of Classix Nouveaux), and I loved it. I seem to remember playing with a finger and thumb heavily bandaged due to a drunken punkrock accident with a knife the night before - ok I was trying to make a new hole in my guitar strap. As Johnny Phillips notes elsewhere, those first sessions and gigs were our high point, we weren't really vut out for da biz. I've been in and out of bands, played solo etc ever since (it's my art, man, I can't not do it), currently mucking around with jazz musicians playing alto sax.

Great to see you're still about, love to you all.

Cheers, Bob Green

Hi Bob, great to hear from you :) I rescued some Johnny Curious & The Strangers tapes from Gary Lucas's attic recently.

Lee Wood has written...

"The one regret I have. I visited Spaceward studios one day and they played me a tape of a band called Johnny Curious & The Strangers. The recordings were STUNNING. Especially "Back In Pissheadsville Again". I approached them but they had a manager called Sue Black who only wanted them signed to a big label. In the end they re-recorded the four songs and released them on Miles Copeland's label. The re-recordings are total shit compared to the originals."

Maybe it's time the originals were released? Would anyone be interested do you think? Anyway, it looks like we have them :)

Hope to hear,


Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 11:28 PM
Subject: Trevor Dann here

I stumbled across your website and found mention of a lost tape. Can this be true? It was 1972 I think and we were TERRIBLE (we were called Tramp. Female singer, flautist, lots of rhythm changes, complete rubbish). But I'd love to hear it. I think we recorded it in Fisher Hall.

I don't think anything survives from the 1980s live Radio Cambs show but I remember that Dave Stewart (the other one) was with us.




Great to hear from you Trevor but sorry, no Tramp tapes exists :(


Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2006 3:33 PM
Subject: spaceward 82

Hi Guys

Just surfin and found the studio page. Fantastic!! we recorded our first single at the old school house in 82 we had a great time as far as I remember : ) . just sorry we never thought to take any photo's of Gary doing the work

The single was "Sheralee" b/w Force (reached no3 in Italian metal charts) cat number HEAVY 12
RECORD COMPANY: Heavy Metal Records

We are still around - we have just released a new album on Heavy Metal Records! getting a bit long in the tooth now though : ) Heavy Metal is getting nearer to zimmer frames : )

One thing I do remember about the session was the on the track "Force" I wanted some reverse echo on a part of the vocals and poor Mike had to set it up by turning the tape round to run and record backwards, a lot of work just for an effect to last a second or two! (dont think he ws too impressed!) but it still sounds great in fact better than we can produce today with all the new technology !

Garry Phillips

Brill! Many thanks Garry for the info and picture :) Now added to the Discography


Sent: Saturday, December 03, 2005 6:25 PM
Subject: the disco students

hi spaceward: just a note to let you know the disco students have just released a new 7 track CD - "My Black Girlfriend".

If you visit the website: you'll find a photo of a youthful Gary Lucas.

disco student


Sent: Friday, December 02, 2005 3:45 PM
Subject: Bruce Fursman & Dave 'The Boyo' Dutfield

Dear Mike & Gary,

Stumbled upon your site by accident while doodling around at work this afternoon. Many happy memories of Spaceward and of pints between takes in the Clarendon! Funny enough, as I write a box of Spaceward reel to reels lies in my hallway at home as I ponder where to store them. Dave and me self recorded in Victoria Street a couple of times in the 70s. Once in the very old studio – mattress in the hallway job etc and where there was a cry of ‘cut’ as I think either Mike or Gary’s chair collapsed in the ‘control room’ during a take!

I’ll have a look at the tapes when I get home for track listings of the other session and email back. But just for your info, Dave Dutfield years later played and recorded with the Elaine Morgan Band who I think – knowledge a bit rusty here! – were linked to the Albion Band who were in tern linked to Spaceward etc etc. My strange link was that as a schoolboy of 15/16 I had supported with my band, the Folkomnibus the (now) famous Nick Drake at his first gig at the Goodwill to All pub in Harrow. I played an old Neapolitan round back mandolin at that gig that Nick - in the break - very much admired. I recorded with that mando (& slept overnight in the studio!) about 5 or 6 years later at Spaceward. It was in the ‘new’ expanded basement studio that I think was under the corner house? I was unaware that Nick Drake had himself been at Cambridge not long before – I just wonder if he had any connection with Spaceward?.

Will be in touch,


Bruce Fursman

Hi Bruce, great to hear from you :) and many thanks for the great stories! I just found some tapes recently in Gary's attic - including your session from 13/2/75 ("Here and Now", "On A Line", "Mona Lisa", "I Knew Her", "Last Bee Of Summer") but haven't played it yet!



Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2005 3:34 PM
Subject: Hi - and some info


Well, what a wonderful thing this interweb is...

You may like to add this to your discography... whatever:-)

I recorded at Spaceward in 1980 details as follows:

Band: The Corvettes

Robin Banks - Keyboards
Penny Heathcote - Vocals
Dave 'Blotto' Williams - Bass
Nick Greenwood - Guitar
Mike Stand - Drums

We recorded 2 x Tracks - Love to Hate You / Heartbeat
These were instantly snapped up by 'Shattered Records' and were released soon after the session as a single (Shattered Records SHAT02), it did pretty well but the pinnacle was getting airplay in Denmark (!) and on Radio Luxembourg - ho hum - the rock & roll lifestyle eh...

The Session was engineered by Joe Bull and we slept in the back of a van in a car park somewhere in Cambridge!

Just to bring this full circle - we were dead keen on gettin hold of one of those cute spaceward gold bunny badges - Joe said he only had one gold one left which I snaffled:-) I had it for years (well 25 actually) and only recently gave it to my now current vocalist - who wears it with pride - it was even apparent in one of our recent photo shoots - let me know if you'd like a copy of the picture!*

Next time I'm rummaging in the loft I'll dig out our copy of the master for your archive - maybe even scan the single cover for you if I can find a copy. Madly enough - you can probably gather I'm still out there and have just celebrated a half century of survival by taking my band out and giving it some what for on the guitar (got bored with keys:-))

Many thanks for the site - certainly brought a few memories flooding back!

All the best,

Robin Banks
*Didn't attach it to this just in case it got killed as unsolicited...

The Provocateurs - Passionate thrashing for subversive soulmates...

Hi Robin. Fantastic information - many thanks :) I've added your session to the Discography here and will be pleased to reward your proposed tape submission with...

...a replacement gold Lame Bunny badge! :)


Sent: Monday, November 21, 2005 9:22 PM
Subject: Great Site!!

Dear Spaceward!!

How nice to find this site - brings back some good memeories from years past...

I was a budding musician/songwriter/producer/sound engineer as a young teenager and wrote to about every studio in the south east of England whilst still at school asking for work experience. Spaceward was the only one that replied and the only one that let me go to to the studio and get involved. I remember Owen, Rachel the office manager and the tape op Patrick with whom I spent most weekends on sessions making tea or sweeping the leaves in the car park!! However good times! Got to assist on sessions with The Bible (still one of my favourite bands) and played about on JJ Burnels steinberger bass while no one was looking!

After school went to work in The Master Room then onto Livingston studios then a spell in a band called Please signed to Polydor for one single which sold about 6 copies then after all illusions of pop stardom had evaded me went into aviation (my second love after music).

Now live in Sofia, Bulgaria where I have my own aircraft handling company - funny old game life ain't it!!

Anyway, once again a great site and I'm sure a great trip down memory lane for anyone involved in the studio - however insignificant...


Dean Jones

Hi Dean! Welcome to you in Sofia, Bulgaria - trust you're still finding time to play some music! :)


Sent: Saturday, October 08, 2005 5:15 PM
Subject: spaceward on the radio

I don't think it's been reported that Spaceward teamed up with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire for a day's live broadast from the studio in Stretham of Trevor Dann's music show in the '80's. Now can anyone remember when this live broadcast happened, or does anyone have any tapes of the show?

Trevor Dann (who later became head of BBC Radio 1 and Music) was well known to Gary and me as he was a student in Cambridge around the same time we were. We even recorded his student band (and I recently found the tape so how much is it worth Trevor?).

Keep up the good work on the site, Mark, and it's great to hear from Dan Wiseman who was such an asset during the time we were moving from Victoria Street to Stretham. Hope all is well with you Dan...



Hi Mike, Mark, etc..

My heart is racing, it was really exciting to see so many memories in such a short space of time. Mike, Gary and Joe gave me my dream job straight out of school but I was too young to appreciate it at the time. Slightly dissapointed that I didn't get a mention, as I was tape op there in 1980 at Victoria Street, helped build the new mixer and the new studio in Stretham (if the accoustic panels ever come off the walls you'll find self-piteous teenage angst, poems and cries for help from me scribbled on the bare walls!), recorded at both studios with the Sinix and also the Friendly Hopefuls ("Tribute to the Punks of 76" medley which got to number 29 in Sounds alternative chart in 1982 when I naively left Spaceward thinking I was about to hit the bigtime!) AND later returned to work at Spaceward Microsystems from 1985-86. Oh I also got credited as "assistant producer" with Gary on an albumn by a band called Grace on MCA records. Nowadays I live in Streatham (South London, not Ely) and play in a modern jazz band called The Goodbye Look, how times change.....

Hope you are all well.

Love Dan

MEA CULPA! I'm ashamed to admit that these oversights were entirely my fault and I'm delighted to rectify them :) It's great to hear from you, Dan :)


Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 7:57 PM
Subject: Re: Spaceward Sessions

Hi Mark

I am very pleased (and honoured) that you have reprinted my article about Mick on your website.

My sessions at Spaceward were on 21/08/77 and 11 & 12/09/77. I have the original 15ips master (Dolby A)
Producer Gary Lucas
Engineer Mike Kemp

Tracks Recorded: Everybody Loves Music, (I Don't Wanna Go To The) Movie Show, You Put Cupid On Me, Making My Plans

John Theedom - all vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Neil Hardy - drums
John Pannell - bass
Phil Jobson - electric guitar ("Everybody Loves Music")
Steve Allen - synthesiser
Jasper ? - fender rhodes
Malcolm Maloney - saxophone

These tracks (just pop tunes really - not quite what I'd been doing before) were recorded primarily as a showcase for the songs (all originals) - not to promote me as an artist. Just as well really, I think it was Mike Kemp - always the diplomat! - who suggested I might not quite have the voice for a 'front-man'. I think "Movie Show" stands up even today as a reasonably good pop tune and arrangement - I'm not too sure about the others. None of the tracks made it to vinyl, but I do know that one or two of these recordings got a regular airing at some village dicsos and dances in Essex for a number of years - so I suppose that represents some sort of popularity?

Laying down the muti-tracked vocal parts for these songs was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. (Mike Kemp may not feel quite the same way about it !).

Trust this gives you enough background info.


John Theedom

Many thanks John! I'm delighted to add your session to the Discography :)


Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 12:10 AM
Subject: Re: Toyah demo tape recorded at Spaceward Studios

Hi there Mark,

The project I am working on is a reissue of a Toyah album called MAYHEM which was a collection of rare & archive material. Finished tracks which weren't used, rejected demos, studio doodles etc etc

So, I have been researching lots of stuff to do with Toyah early unreleased material.

Ok, so as for as Spaceward Studios is concerned. Toyah and the band recorded their first EVER demo sessions for a demo tape on 27th & 28th May, 1978 st Spaceward Studios.

The line-up for these sessions was:
Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen, David Robin, Windy Miller, Pete Bush

I sadly no not have a copy of this demo tape and nor does it seem to be readily available from anyone. David Robin provided info on this a while ago and himself would like a copy. Toyah, I am obviously in contact with constantly as I work for her and does not keep archive recordings of demos herself. Joel I have not been able to track this down.

It is thought that the songs which were recorded in this sessions were:

Hunger Hill
Computers - finished version ended up on debut album Sheep Farming in Barnet.
The Jailor - ended up as Gaoler and was finished track but rejected from debut album Sheep Farming in Barnet.
Waiting - finished version ended up on debut album Sheep Farming in Barnet.
Danced - finished version ended up on debut album Sheep Farming in Barnet.
Neon Womb - finished version ended up on debut album Sheep Farming in Barnet.
Problem Child - recorded version appears on Mayhem. Unconfirmed whether it is the original Spaceward version, or a later re-recorded version. Unlikely to be the Spaceward one.

So, the short answer is that none of the original Spaceward demos appeared on any release -- although later finished versions appeared on releases.

So, as I would also kill to hear this, are you in any position to track it down? Will a safe copy remain at the studio?

The 15-track Mayhem album will be released with a further 5 bonus tracks through Cherry Red Records in November this year with comprehensive sleevenotes by myself. I have co-ordinated 6 Toyah CD releases this year -- it's all going great.

Look forwatrd to hearing from you.

Craig Astley

Thanks for the excellent info. Sadly no protection or other copy remains in our archive. If I do hear of one, we will of course let you know - good luck with your release :)


Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 2:55 PM
Subject: The Carburettors

please could you supply on CD a copy of a session by The Carburretors recorded approx 1980 which included Roman Jugg an Bryn Merryck both of whom later joined THE DAMNED.I was with the band at thje time. Unfortunately my
copy was in a car that I had stolen, and I would love to have a new copy on CD.

Please ring me on 07711 280770.

Dave Roberts
Really sorry Dave, but we can't help you with this as we have retained no copy of this session :(


Sent: Sunday, August 28, 2005 7:23 AM
Subject: Steve Stewart

Hi there (Alex ?)

I'm trying to get in touch with an old schoolfriend of mine - the engineer Steve Stewart who used to work with The Enid... any chance you could either let me know an email address for him or forward this to let him know that both Alex "Fishhook" Priest and I are trying to get in touch...?

best wishes

Tom Robinson

Hi Tom, if anyone has any info please contact


Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2005 10:11 PM
Subject: the jellies

i'm completely obsessed with a band called the jellies who released one 7" on jelly records in 1981. i've tried desperately to find out the story about it, but have found 0. it appears to be the only release on jelly records, and i heard it once in 1998 at a thurton moore concert and became obssessed with it. I spent five years tracking down my copy and have since got it pretty populuar with a variety of underground music snobs, band members & record collector geeks. i'm not sure if you're familiar with wfmu, but it is a world reknowned underground radio station station which i d.j. on. you can check it out at if you do an artist search for the jellies, i think you'll see the ridiculous frequency which i play this track.

also, btw, i play lots of other spaceward things, as does most of my station, ranging from mandy morton to the limit.

Michael Goldstein

Many thanx for the info which I've added to the discography - I have to admit that I didn't know of this one. Maybe someone has more info and can share...


Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 5:03 PM
Subject: Licence Request Fish turned human

Hi there at Spaceward studios

I'm from Compost Records / Angora Steel in Germany and we are interested in licensing the Fish Turned Human Song "The International".

Since you released the made the Record I wanted to ask if your own the rights for this track or from where can We license it from?

Thanks in advance and cheerio from Germany...

Lasse Kahlo

Sorry, we can't help :( but maybe someone will read this...


Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 12:24 PM
Subject: Teaboy

I was a trainee tape-op / teaboy / receptionist at Spaceward @ 81 -82 / 3 ?

I have fond memories of the Old School House studios. As a naive youngster it was my first "real" job, I remember Gary, Mike, Joe and Ted couldn't have been nicer to work for. After a year or so it turned out I wasn't as interested in sound engineering as I'd thought.. But I did learn all about curries, English beer, motorbikes, crabs (thanks Ted), judo kicks (thanks J.J.), punting, and NOT to scrape the manky layers of black tannin off Mike's tea mug that he'd taken years to acquire...


Mark Paton

Hiya Mark! Good to hear from you :)


Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2005 7:01 PM
Subject: Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band - Cambridge Jan/Feb '72

If this helps any of the questions people have been asking about this:

The Cellar at King's College was always a venue for jamming and always had lots of people there from the Town and not just University.I played there myself lots of times between November 1969 and June 1971.

I was present at Kings Cellar on 26th January 1972. Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band played a first set with Twink on drums, Syd Barrett on guitar and Jack Monck on bass. Then Eddie"Guitar" Burns played and at end there was a jam with Eddie, Twink, Jack Monck and a guy called Bruce on guitar (sorry I have no other information on who this is apart from his first name but I wrote this down the next day so I figure it is correct).

I also went to what was billed as "Six Hour Technicolor Dream" at Corn Exchange in Cambridge the next day 27th January 1972. Hawkwind definitely played as did Pink Fairies and also I can confirm, as I wrote it down, that Fred Frith did indeed play guitar alongside Syd and Twink as part of Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band at that gig.

I also saw an outdoor gig in streets of Cambridge with Twink and Syd and this took place on 12th February 1972.

Finally a word of tribute to Steve Brink who has been mentioned as organising the "Six Hour Technicolor Dream" gig. He was a very important figure in encouraging & allowing people to play music in early 70's Cambridge - a real catalyst. Steve ran probably the friendliest shop I've ever been into - a clothes and hippy paraphernalia shop called "What's in a Name" and also had a market stall selling same type of items.The electric band I sang with PUSSY FROM WORCS played a couple of support gigs for him.One was at the Dorothy - which he called "Ball in the Rockroom" - on October 26th 1970 along with local band Barney's Bonanza,Quiver, Formerly Fat Harry and Kevin Ayers & The Whole World. The other was a club he called "Porridge" at YMCA Cellar -on June 20th 1970 - this gig was as support for Quiver.Steve also organised a big gig called "Bring a Blanket" at The Corn Exchange on 5th June 1971 with Trident, Rambling Sid, Skin Alley, Steve Peregrine Took and Pink Fairies. The ticket for the night also included a place on buses after the gig which took people out to Ivy Todd Farm, Ashdon where Help Yourself struck up and Pink Fairies did another set. Steve also organised an all-in package trip (travel, ticket and refreshments) to the Bath Festival in the summer of 1970 and this was a real feat of orgnanisation considering the state of the people involved. I still remember his words as he spoke to me at that festival - "You're based here, the others are based over there, and I'm BASED IN THE SKY..........."

Jim Gillespie


Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2005 6:17 AM
Subject: the TUBEWAY ARMY sound

Greetings Mr Kemp!

I play in a Tubeway Army tribute band in the states and am curious as to the specifics of the equipment used by you and the band to record the Tubeway army "plan" and "first album" recordings. (GULP! almost thirty years ago!)

A gibson Les Paul standard for Mr. Webb? Laney Amps? HH speakers?

Any special secrets I should know to help my group "REPLICATE" the thick ,crunchy sound you captured so brilliantly on those recordings?

With best regards,

Dereck Walton
Pittsburgh PA U.S.A

Sadly we can't remember exactly what kit the band brought with them :( - there were no special secrets beyond the acoustics of the room itself and, of course, the in-house designed and built mixing desk and equalisers.



Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2005 6:02 PM
Subject: Hondo


I just came acroos this site and just wanted to say how surprised I was to find it.

I was one of the founder members of a Cambridge band called Hondo. It was a 8 or 9 piece reggae/rock band. We recorded at Spaceward three times. Firstly at Clarendon Street and then at the Old School in Streatham. I now live in the next village and have my own studio. I(t would be nice to see Hondo mentioned on this site, it was quite a well known band back then, and we actually sold enough singles back then to get a top ten hit with these days.

Fond memories.

Paul Maguire (Keyboards with Hondo 1979 - 81)

Thanks Paul - I've started a Hondo page here


Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2005 6:32 AM
Subject: Big Mick Stevens Fan

I am a big Mick Stevens fan. Is there anyway I can get the tracking listing to his Englishman LP and a album cover? Or if you can tell me what color his album was? Also can I get a original track listing to his LP "See The Morning" I would really appreciate it.


Rosina Rhodes

Hi Rosina,

For "The Englishman" cover etc please see here and for "The River" see here

Here is the track listing for "See The Morning"...

1. Smile Again
2. Asher's Song
3. Beech Tree
4. Catherine
5. Burning
6. Joe's Kaph
7. Judianna
8. Song Of The Riverspirits
9. Wheel, The
10. Salotan Cinonrever





The Ray Morgan Quartet

L/R standing:
Mark Sharp - Guitar
John Short - Vocals
Tom Sharp - Drums
Robert Parry - Bass
Sitting :
David Good - Guitar

Subject: Old tape
Date: 17 April 2005 14:13


Just came across the website and wanted to contact you.

I did a demo tape at your old studio in Cambridge. It was circa '77 - '78. The band I was with at the time was called "The Ray Morgan Quartet ". We had a great day at the studio. If I remember correctly it was one of the hottest days of the year and we kept popping over to the pub across the road to quench our thirst. Didn't help our playing much, but we enjoyed ourselves.

All the copies that we had of the session have been lost. The master tape has probably long since been erased but I'd like to know if it still exists.

Good luck to you in the future.

Best regards,

Dave Good

Sorry Dave, no old tapes remeain :( but great to hear from you :) Your (sadly lost) session has now been added to the Discography. Hopefully your're still making plenty of that HOT & THIRSTY music!!!


Subject: Group called Needles
Date: 15 April 2005 07:06

Hi, i wonder if you can help me.

I have come across a record by the NEEDLES, this is a 45 single No EJSP 9340 .It was recorded in 1980 at Spaceward ,engineered by Joe Bull and is an Ellie Jay Custom Product can you give me any information on this please.

Thanks George
Thanks for the intel, George - this one's new to me but maybe Joe can remember :)

Subject: Re: How long do keep old 2" tapes?
Date: 16 February 2005 17:09

To Whom it may concern,

Hello. I was wondering how long you keep 2" multi-tracks, before you record over them or dispose of them?

I recorded there in '86 with Owen Morris and J.J. Burnel as the Dave Howard Singers. The 2" multi-track would've been left there and I wondered if it had survived over the years? We were recording the song Rock On, as well as a couple of original songs.

I'm sure this is a bit of a reach, however I really am anxious to know and I would look forward to discussing it with you.


Dave Howard

Hi Dave, great to hear from you :) Sadly, when the studio closed, all master tapes (2" and 1/4") were either returned to their respective record companies or were thrown away :(

Subject: The River, Mick Stevens
Date: 11 February 2005 00:45

What a gas to come across this site! I was the drummer on Mick's album and remember enjoying it immensely - I got on with Gary really well, I remember getting home at 5.00 am and my dad being cross with me for not getting up for work 3 hours later!

And I think Gary and I worked together later with a singer called Louise Fox and her manager Steve Black?? But not at Spaceward.

If Gary or Mick ever read this, well, hi guys, it really was great fun, visit www, to find out what I did next!

ps I still have the album, sounds good to me...............


Colin Woolway

Great to hear from you Colin :) What with interest in this album from Korea (see kolkie Jin below) and the fact that a copy sold recenlty on Ebay for £90, this is truly an 'Obscure Gem'


Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2005 9:09 PM
Subject: Syd Barrett - Stars photos desperately needed!


Some of you may remember hearing from me at some point last year when I was looking for material for a Syd Barrett article for Mojo magazine. You may even recall that the article was about Syd's activities around the period 1972/73, and in particular his band Stars, and I was looking for anyone who had any recollections or materials relating to Syd around this time.

Six months later, and while progress on the article hasn't been as swift as I'd anticipated, I've been able to turn up some great stuff. I've been able to speak at length with a number of people who knew and/or worked with Syd around the Stars period, including Jack Monck, Steve Brink, Mick Rock, Clive Wellham and Bernie Elliot (the latter of whom, for those who don't know, jammed with Syd during the Stars period and ultimately replaced him in the band), and a number of people who were able to give eyewitness accounts of the band's performances. I've also done sufficient amounts of digging to be able to say what happened with the various recordings that have been rumoured to exist of the band, and why they've never surfaced, and I'm moving close to being able to categorically say whether or not Syd ever actually recorded, as is alleged, with Steve Took.

So, it's shaping up to be a good story - and, unusually for a Syd Barrett piece these days, one that for the most part hasn't been told before. However, I'm facing one major difficulty: the lack of ANY useable Stars photos, or indeed any photos of Syd Barrett at all from the years 1972, 1973 or 1974. Without these, the article cannot go ahead, so finding some pictures is pretty crucial.

Pictures of Stars definitely exist somewhere. Not only is it an absurd notion that nobody took a photograph of Syd Barrett, a well-known public figure, between 1972 and 1974, but I know of two sets of photos that were definitely taken. These are:

1. A set of pictures of Stars playing an outdoor gig in Cambridge Market Square in February (?) 1972, taken by an unknown Australian photographer. These were briefly circulated shortly after the performance and both Twink and Jack Monck (independently) remember them being excellent quality.

2. Pictures taken by the American photographer Victor Kraft. Victor Kraft was a professional photographer who had previously worked with Leonard Bernstein and Aaron Copland before settling in Cambridge in the early 1970s. He attended most of Stars' performances, and would have taken photographs and made tape recordings of the band. Unfortunately, he died in 1976 and his wife tells me that any possessions that were left in his Cambridge flat were taken (with her permission) by his landlords. Whether these include the Stars material, and what became of it if so, is unknown.

The only picture that I have seen, or even heard of, from either of the above two sources is the one attached to this email. Although poor quality, this shows Syd performing at the Market Square gig and strongly suggests that more photos were taken at the same time.

Another possible source of photos would be if there were any photographers present to photograph the other performers at any of Stars' performances. These would be as follows:

Eddie 'Guitar' Burns - Kings College Cellar, Cambridge, January 1972
Hawkwind / Pink Fairies - Cambridge Corn Exchange, 27 January 1972
MC5 / Skin Alley - Cambridge Corn Exchange, 24 February 1972
Nektar - Cambridge Corn Exchange, 26 February 1972

If any photos exist of those bands on those dates then I want to know about it.

In short, I would urge anyone who has any suggestions, however unlikely, as to possible sources of Stars or Syd photos that would be suitable for this Mojo article, to contact me. Anyone who comes forward with material will be paid if it is used; anyone offering other assistance will be credited in the finsihed piece.

Webmasters - if you'd be willing to put this appeal on your website I'd greatly appreciate it. Feel free to use the photo as well.

Sorry for going on!

Mark Sturdy



Sent: Monday, January 03, 2005 7:51 AM
Subject: Hi I'm Korean acid folk fan about "Obscure Gems" on your web-site.


Hi Spaceward studios!!

I was visited to your homepage for finding Mick stevens informations. And I found great infomations and some obscure items on it. OK I like UK folk music and especiallly I'm very interesting to UK unknown and private pressing acid stuffs.

So could I ask a favor? I could find these obscure UK unknown and private acid folk stuffs on your "Obscure Gems article" It was amazing to me. I just have known only Mick stevens/The river album of these.

The First Lame Bunny Album (1973)
Mick Stevens/"The River"
Snakehips /"snakehips arnold & the king of boogie"

So can I listen to these ? I really interesting to these items but I know it is very rare and private pressing records so I will be not able to find it.

It's no problems if you don't want to do it and cannot do it. If you will do so, I will be OK.

Anyway many thanks for great informations and cover arts.

British folk lover from South Korea

folkie Jin

Hi, folkie Jin and welcome to you :)



Sent: Thursday, December 23, 2004 6:29 PM
Subject: The Disco Students

The Disco Students have just released " 9/8-9-10-11 - Live in New York" - an 8 track live CD recorded in New York in September 2004. One of the songs is a version of "South Africa House" - originally recorded at Spaceward in 1979.
Still sounds great.



Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 2004 2:46 PM
Subject: Krakatoa

Hi, as you rightly state Krakatoa recorded a demo at Spaceward back in the Seventies. I remember it well as I was the guitar player! However I would have thought you might have wanted to include our keyboard player in your Hall of Fame as he's probably making more money from music nowadays than everybody else who recorded at Spaceward put together. And that's not an exaggeration. I refer of course to Hollywood's top composer Hans Zimmer.

Nice to talk to you- I still play our excellent demo recordings.

Roger Adams, guitarist and founding member of Krakatoa.

Wow! That's great news. Maybe we should add an entry for Hans in the HoF as you suggest :)




Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2004 3:39 PM
Subject: Herod's Race

Hi Guys - I was in a band from Ely called Herod's Race and we recorded a single in 1980 at Victoria Street with Gary Lucas at the controls. It was double A side featuring "Something's Not Right" and "Wind Me Up". John Peel actually played the single once announcing it with "And now another facet of the burgeoning Cambridge sound. "What sound is that?" I hear you ask. This is Herod's Race and "Something's Not Right"". Last year some guy now living in Amsterdam tracked me down wanting to buy as many of the singles as he could. He actually bought 10 copies, which we managed to find, for £10 each! He reckoned that he liked it so others would to. He was some kind of dealer I think (records not drugs). He also later put "Something's Not Right" onto a compilation of obscure 80's guitar bands. Nostalgia eh?

Anyway - I have attached a pic of the single for your interest - the label mentions Spaceward and Gary Lucas.

Thanks for the website and for some great memories!

Lee Gillett
Formerly of Herod's Race

Hi Lee! Great to hear from you and many thanks for the info on Herod's Race which I've added to the discography. Good to know there are new audiences for this stuff after all these years :)



Sent: Saturday, September 4, 2004 3:30 PM
Subject: Wibbley Brothers at Spaceward

Hello all!

Just come across the Spaceward site and thought I'd add some rambling comments to my experiences there.

The Wibbley Brothers, Ronnie and Terry, first came to Stretham in 1981 to record the 4 tracks which would appear on our e.p. "Dark Side of the Mune" (sic). For some reason we were signed to a Midlands label which specialised in punk and thrash stuff; I don't think they knew what to make of our more... er... individual approach to music-making, but I persuaded them to book Spaceward as I'd been a great Soft Boys fan. The tracks were engineered by Gary Lucas and "Dan" (according to the sleeve) and produced by Guy Jackson and the band. I think I realised I was entering an unfamiliar world when I was stopped on the platform at Ely station by a porter, helpless with laughter because I was carrying a Walkman. "Look at him; 'e's wearing headphones!" he shouted in disbelief to everyone in sight..

Later on in the year we came back to do the album "Go Weird" (with Joe Bull engineering, and making a vocal apperance at the start of side 2) and were generously allotted 40 hours to do everything - slightly tricky as I was playing all the instruments, overdubbed one at a time in these pre-sequencer days. Amazingly we managed to record and mix about an hour's worth of material in that time, but the real story of the week was the accomodation we enjoyed. This was before the studio had residential facilities, and we were put up in the guest house across the road. It was October and freezing cold yet our hostess refused to put the heating on because "it's too expensive this time of year". We slept every night shivering, fully dressed, with coats over the bedspreads. There was also a yappy little dog that would take chunks out of your ankles given half the chance. Consequently we did everything possible to put off our return until bedtime, which normally meant darts in the nearby pub, even joining in with a women's darts league match on one particularly desperate night. An evening out to Ely was like the bright lights of New York. The whole experience is related in a song on our forthcoming album "Mornin' Jack", together with a description of the fabled Stretham telephone box piled six feet high with leaves.

A few months later, the album still unreleased, we somehow got agreement to return for 2 8-hour days to remix and do a couple of new songs. Fortunately this time there was a room at the studio we could sleep in, although most of the night was spent with the first Roland TR606 and TB303s I'd ever seen, and their instruction manuals. This creative frenzy produced "The Wonderful World of Terry Wibbley" the following morning, along with hours of fun with yards of tape loops running round the control room supported by pencils held aloft. Samplers? Who needs 'em? Then we got our bicycles and pedalled back to Cambridge to catch the train home.

The album eventually came out about a year later, by which time the record company was about to go bust... I noticed a copy sold on Ebay last month for £104, which is exactly £104 more than I ever saw from it.

Thanks for a great site - if you want I'll upload scans of the album and e.p.


Ronnie Wibbley

Wonderful stuuff! An Obscure Gem indeed!Full details here



Sent: Saturday, May 15, 2004 3:29 PM
Subject: Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Just found your site which brought back some very good memories of what I have always felt was the best stuff the band ever recorded. I would also like to ask if you could possibly correct the link you have for Red Lorry Yellow Lorry as the band have now reformed and have an official site


Dave Hall

Hi Dave, really great to hear that the Lorries are back in action :) and thanks for the new url. BTW I found this old clipping from Sounds recently...

What a FANTASTIC review!




Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2004 4:50 PM
Subject: Blimey!!

Excellent website and a lot better than any of the other Cambridge Music sites. Can I add my one visit to the studio to the Discography - Necromancer/February 1982/Demo - tracks "Huntsman" "Sheer Madness" "Reality" "Claudine" "Queen Of The Blues"/Engineered by Joe Bull - I remember it well and somewhere I've still got my prized gold rabbit badge!! Sadly I never made it as a rock star and am now a music and entertainment lawyer instead!!

ps What year was the Morecambe and Wise Show at Kelsey Kerridge recorded?


Simon Lindsay
Hi Simon, I'm delighted to add your session to the discography :) M&W could have been 73, 74 or 75. Gary might remember.



Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2004 12:30 PM
Subject: FAO Mike Kemp - Syd Barrett / Stars

Hi Mark

Thanks for your interest.

At the time I was a naive student with no real idea of the developing fandom of Syd Barrett. However with a passionate interest in recording music (and I was of course into Pink Floyd and Hawkwind) I was pleased to get the opportunity to help Gary Lucas in recording the event (whichever one it actually was - more below).

Gary was approached by the promoter - and yes, the name Steve Brink sounds about right but I wouldn't be able to swear to it - who saw Gary arriving at college complete with Revox and asked him to come along to make a recording.

Gary came to me (we had not met before) as I was guardian of the university tape recording society's (CUTRS) collection of microphones, mixer and tape recorders. Unfortunately the collection was so small that we were limited to a pair of stereo Calrec mics across the top of the stage to get the backline and the drums, and a single mic to stick in front of the PA to get the vocals and whatever they put through it.

As far as I was aware from the ivory tower I occupied (the dustsodden roof of some concessionary booth by the side of the stage) the band and roadies were relatively unaware of us. The overhead mics were fairly small and all that was apparent was the one mic on a stand that Gary ended up guarding in front of the PA. It is likely it was considered too amateur to remember. Also we didn't interacted at all with the band or roadies as we were a bit wet behind the ears and either in awe or rather scared of the tough guys in the biz. (I may just be speaking for myself here).

I was also unaware of the fight as I believe it took place in one corner near a PA stack and I got the impression was not too remarkable an occurrence for the squalid venue the Corn Exchange was then. Gary recall it vividly of course as he was almost in it protecting the valuable and fragile STC4038 mic that hitherto had only experienced the gentle sounds of the baroque. (Insert any puns about being between baroque and a hard place here). This means that the fight may not have registered on the band or the roadies as a memorable event. As to which event:

It was not MC5: I recall hearing them playing another night (possibly two) when on the way to a local pub - they were loud - audible from half way down Downing / Pembroke Street - peraps all the way to Emmanuel (my college).

It was not Hawkwind: I was a fan and I would have remembered this clearly.

However Nektar rings clear bells - a name I have not heard for many years. I had not heard of them prior to the gig. I also believe I can picture the name Nektar on the tape box afterwards along with "Syd Barrett's All Stars" and "The last minute put together boogie band".

Content: There was a lot of rambling instrumental with uncoordinated untogether guitar work (I recall it appealed to some sense of anarchy). There was some vocal stuff but it was appalling. I recall a long instrumental that collapsed slowly into various incoherent sounds and some shouting. Most of this is my memory of listening to the recordings afterwards. (BTW, " unstructured jamming" would be a generous description of parts)

Tapes: I cannot recall whether we used Gary's quarter track Revox or the CUTRS half track. I have feeling the tapes were quarter track and thus we couldn't listen to them after we converted all the machines to half track as we got more professional. Attempts to do so would reveal the second half of the event playing backwards over the first. The tapes languished on shelves until they appear to have vanished. Being 1/4 track they may have ended up with Gary's private collection of all his favourite albums which he had assembled into long playing tapes. I have a vague recollection of there being both a 10&1/2" reel and a 7" reel so there may have been a copy.

Recording: The overheads were very clear and stereo especially of the top-kit. The mic feed from the PA had a problem that the CUTRS mixer had never experienced anything so loud before so the correct setting was between off and almost off. Breathing heavily on the control was sufficient to alter it from overload to off. I think we got some feed in for most of the tape. There was quite a lot of instrumentation through the PA adding a distorted mono overlay to the whole thing. Eventually the PA mic was destroyed by the event.

Gary Lucas would no doubt add a lot ot this but I'm rather out of touch now. Good luck if you can track him down....

All the best




Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2004 5:11 PM
Subject: FAO Mike Kemp - Syd Barrett / Stars

Hello Mike,

I was wondering whether you might be able to help me with something. I'm a freelance journalist working on a piece for Mojo about Syd Barrett's career in the period 1972-1973, and in particular the group Stars. Like many others, I've been intrigued by the mention of the 'Syd Barrett All Stars' tape on your site and wonder whether you might be able to clarify any details.

Firstly, the date (21/2/72) and line-up (Stars / Hawkwind / Pink Fairies) doesn't tally with either of the gigs that Stars played at Cambridge Corn Exchange. According to flyers and adverts from the time, these were as follows:

24/2/72 - Stars / MC5 / Skin Alley
26/2/72 - Stars / Nektar

As far as I'm aware, Stars never played with Hawkwind or the Pink Fairies - although Stars' drummer, Twink, was also in the Pink Fairies. Might the gig have been another Hawkwind/Fairies gig at which Syd just happened to be present? I've found a Hawkwind gigography at which doesn't mention any Cambridge gig around this time, although they did play the Corn Exchange both on May 13, 1972 and September 22, 1972 - both obviously some time after the date cited.

I've also been in touch with a guy called Joly, who was Stars' roadie/soundman for the Corn Exhcange gigs. He doesn't recall the stage being miked in the way you describe on your site, or a fight breaking out, which makes me think that the gig you're talking about was at a different time. He does, however, recall a soundboard tape being made of the show on the 26th by someone called Chris, who was a mate of one of the other roadies, Nigel. Is any of this ringing any bells?

A couple more thoughts - firstly, Gary Lucas mentions that the original tape was sold to the promoter. Any recollection of who this was? Apparently the Stars gigs were put on by a guy called Steve Brink. Secondly, any idea who at EMI was contacted by Mark Graham? Someone in A&R I'm guessing?

Lastly, do you have any recollection of what was actually on the tape? Was it instrumental, vocal? Actual songs, or unstructured jamming?

Apologies for the intensely detailed nature of all these questions - I'm fully aware that it was over 30 years ago and memories have probably faded somewhat! However, any further pointers you may be able to give me would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,

Mark Sturdy




Sent: Friday, April 09, 2004 6:43 PM
Subject: The Disco Students

Just to show that there is life after Spaceward - The Disco Students (who recorded three records at Spaceward - versions 1 &2 - in the early 1980's) - have just released their first record since then.

"Gay Lorry Drivers" 4 track CD EP is out on Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! Records ( UhHuh4). Take a look/listen at our website :


Simon Cheetham



Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2004 3:39 PM
Subject: Alex Cooper

THE DESK is back up and running but in a purely analogue mode now. Anybody with a bunch of Intel SDK85 boards for free please let us know!

Peter from Trinity Hall........I am pretty sure Kimberley would have had a Watkins Rapier (which was a Strat shape but LOTS cheaper!) through a WEM 15w valve amp in 1975. He then had a Gibson SG (the basic model woth P90 pick-ups).

By the way, Kimberleys' solo albums are available through and very fine they are too.


Alex Cooper


Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 11:36 AM
Subject: Strange Coincidences

So there I was yesterday evening sorting out my vinyl collection when I get an email from a friend with a link to this site. Nothing strange there except that the album I'd just been looking at was the Fruit Bats Seven Sisters. I'd also spotted Jack the Bear, Julian Cope, some Stranglers 12" mixes and other stuff besides.

Strange? It gets stranger...

At the weekend I'd been sorting out the spare bedroom; under the bed I found a computer printout folder which, amongst other things, contains the source code listing for the Spaceward mixing desk. It's a pity that the computer section has just died. I guess Intel SDK85 boards are a bit difficult to get hold of now.

Brian Fairchild

Hi Brian, great to hear from you! There's a page here at this site just waiting for you - please come back and tell all :)


Sent: Friday, March 05, 2004 9:50 AM
Subject: More Ancient History

I was digging through a pile of old papers in my cellar last night and came across a file of letters from 1978. They were rejection letters form virtually every recoding studio of note in the UK. At the time I was a student with desperate aspirations to become a recording engineer.

I wrote endless letters in the hope of gaining experience during the holidays.

The very last letter in the file was from Gary Lucas – he was about to leave for Switzerland for a few weeks and thought that Mike might need someone to answer the door and make tea. For me it was a life determining moment!

Throughout my student breaks I progressed at Spaceward from door opener to carpet cleaner to being allowed to untangle the mic cables at the end of the session. The best bit was being allowed to have a bash at mixing sessions in the early hours after Mike or Gary had done it properly.

Without getting over slushy – Mike and Gary made the experience unforgettable.

After graduation they offered me a full time job – but their offer of £2,500pa was topped by the BBC (just) where I got onto the Studio Managers training course (but only because of my experience at Spaceward.)

Won’t bore you with further detail but suffice to say without the influence of Mike and Gary, life might have been very different.

Thanks (belatedly)

Rob Hodgson

Wow, great to read that story! Many thanks for taking the time/trouble :)
Some of the posts in this guestbook are AMAZING!!!



Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2004 10:42 AM


It has taken a long time to get there but I think this is tue?

Spaceward in Victoria St was in the house opposite the pub with the two room basement - at the end of the St nearest Parkers Piece? This house was the Henry Cow house - then in 1971 I took it over with one of my less impressive bands - most famous member Dag Small who played with the Movies who helped launch Joan Armatrading.

My best memory is of the night we played Jack Johnson through Henry Cow's new Altec Lansing PA - o yes and I have jammed a lot with F Frith there.

Iain Cameron


Yup, that was the house - small world, eh?



Sent: Friday, Feb 13, 2004 08:5AM
Subject: Alex Cooper/The Waves/Spaceward equipment

Neither could I believe this site exists! Talking about a blast from the past.

Anyway, for those remotely interested........we, The Waves/Katrina and the Waves...bought the entire contents of Spaceward and installed it all in our own studio (which still exists) NW of Cambridge just off the A14. The famous desk eventually got replaced and it went to our engineer, Steve Stewart (of The Enid fame) at his place. Unbelieveably the computer section of the desk has only finally given up the ghost in the last couple of weeks!!!!! BUT - Steve will be rebuilding it so he can use it as a straight in/out desk. Thing is, it definitely has a sound of its' own - pretty rock n' roll snare and vocal sounds - and in these days of digital recording it's even more useful than ever.


Great to learn that the old girl still rocks! Many thanks for that info Alex :)



Sent: Friday, October 17, 2003 8:35 PM
Subject: Re: First Lame Bunny Album

You're right it was - I remember Strangers on the Shore as well. Incidentally it was the same night the police caught the Cambridge rapist.



Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2003 10:01 PM
Subject: Re: First Lame Bunny Album

Not exactly involved. I was an undergraduate at Trinity from 1973-1976 and knew about the University Tape Recording Society and heard various bands around at the time. I played a bit of guitar with Mad Hatter at one point but that didn't get beyond a few rehearsals (no decent guitar/equipment and too many other priorities not to mention the usual musical differences). I remember Morris Windsor and Charlie Lucas practicing in Charlie's rooms in Neville's Court,Trinity with Sheboygan in 1975. Also remember Rob Lamb playing guitar with Mad Hatter and Rob Kelly who sang with them and remember hearing Kimberley Rew play Jigsaw Puzzle Blues at an open air concert in 1975 on a Strat through an Ac30 (very good!) but that was all a bit later than the First Lame Bunny. Can't remember exactly where I bought the album. Left Cambridge in '76 for London and lost touch with all this so it was interesting to find your website - it jogged my memory a bit after 30 years.

regards Peter

Great stuff! I think I was at that open-air gig of Kimberely's - it was probably The Waves (pre Katrina of course) at Strawberry Fair. I remember they played a SUPERB version of 'Strangers on the Shore'.


Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2003 12:13 AM
Subject: First Lame Bunny Album

Still have my copy - bought in 1973

Peter Goldberg

Great! :) Were you involved/connected?



Tuesday, September 16, 2003 8:28 AM
Subject: disco students

Subject: sad lovers and giantsHello From Australia Don't know why I was looking on the web about the disco students but maybe I knew about the re-form as two months ago I got my original Hayman modular out of its case and had it re-stored and bought myself an amp (something I could not afford in the 70s)

From the original DS guitarist
Simon Clark

Hi Simon, sounds like you'll need a really looooong lead! ;) Great to hear from you :)



07 September 2003 00:58
Subject: sad lovers and giants

hi there, had the amazing experience to visit your studios and watch Sad Lovers and Giants record there. the memories are still so vivid. i was wondering if you have any photos or anything in regards to Slag floating around the office that i could add to my collection. thanks in advance,

Nik Brasier

Hi Nik, thanks for the kind words - maybe Joe has some photos - I'll ask :)


Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2003 12:38 PM
Subject: Disco Students

Hello from the Disco Students. We recorded three singles at Spaceward - all with Gary Lucas.
And, we're back!

We have just begun rehearsing again for some live Autumn dates - then into the studio - but not Spaceward, alas. will be live in a few weeks, until then we are opearting from:,


Fabbo! 3 Disco Students singles now added to the Discography :) Be sure to let us know when the new single/album is released - good luck!



Sent: Wednesday, 30 July 2003 14:27
Subject: 1985

I came across your website by chance and it reminded me of the great time we had recording there with The Brotherhood. We always thought the studio was fantastic and its difficult to think of a nicer place to spend a few days ( on someone elses money )

A belated thanks to Mark Graham for turning a shambles into a silk purse and for making us feel so much at home.

All the best

Ali Ferguson

Great to hear from you, Ali :) did any of thoses sessions ever make it to vinyl or CD?

Sent: Wednesday, 08 July 2003 22:53
Subject: Once bitten!


Amazed to come across Spaceward, & pictures from both studios, We survived, or perhaps it was you who survived ! at least 4 sessions at Victoria Rd and then a couple at Strethem, between 1977 & 1982

Hazard always seemed to be an apt name !! Needless to say during our sessions I was always more interested in the studio, and was well and truly bitten by the recording bug, so after much ado finally have my own studio . would love to hear from you, and thanks for the trip down memory lane !


Mick Venning

That's a great looking studio, Mick :) btw please send details of those Hazard sessions for the discograpy :)

Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2003 11:14 PM
Subject: Re: Memories of Spaceward Studios

Hi Mark,

as promised I have attached a small gif of the front artwork for the SUPANOVA album. The released date is 21 July 2003 on Garden Records. Distribution by Delta/BMG. In all there are 10 tracks, 3 of which are live The Spaceward tracks are 'Sentenced', ' Mary' and 'Diary Of A Madman'. Recorded in February 1977.

Click here to go to

Thank you for showing an interest. We do appreciate the additional exposure the release will gain by adding the details to your site.

This is the opening paragraph from the album sleeve, written by Jon BUXTON of Garden Records, in which he mentions the Spaceward tape.

"It was a typical dark English winter night as I left the Redhouse Pub in Solihulll. For 25 years I had carried around a battered cassette of a gig by a band called Supanova, dated 1976. I had just left the same band behind swilling beer and talking over old times. The moment has arrived as I set the satellite navigation for home and placed their Spaceward recordings in my CD player - would they be as good as I remembered, had my mind been beguiled by a teenage memory and a poorly recorded C90? One hour later I was lost in the pitch black and pouring rain heading down the wrong motorway towards `The Smoke`, I didn't care..I was jumping around to 'Sentenced', 'Diary Of A Madman' and the magical 'Funny Frame Of Mind', yes, they were the great band I had always remembered, they could have been the new Sabbath, they should have been, but hey,..that's all in the past...or is it?"

Very best wishes

Keith Rimell

for Supanova.

Only too happy to oblige! :) Good luck with the album! :)



Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2003 3:54 PM
Subject: The Now

Hello Spaceward

Just to let you know that The Now released a single on Raw records called 'Into the 80's / 9 O Clock' which was recorded at Spaceward some time in 1977 (though the single came out in 1979 I think). The single had a very limited release as Raw Records was burnt down, along with the stock, around the time of release. However, the single has gone on to become one of the most collectable singles of the punk era as a result fetching between £300 and £500. Last copy I know of was sold by a band member to a German collector. So if you know anyone in Cambridge with a copy they could make a few quid. The Now folded just after the release of the single though this was re-released last year by Last Years Youth records in Germany, which also included a live in the studio (and recorded at Spaceward) version of the bands first single Development Corporations. The proceeds of this were used to fund the recording of an album by The Now which is to be released next month on Vinyl. Future recording is scheduled for a CD release where it is likely that those original recordings will be laid down again and included on the album.

Well it was a long time ago but I remember the day clearly. We even managed to afford lunch at the pub round the corner on your recommendation as we had very little money and they served mashed potatoe on its own which went down a treat with a pint.


Steve Rolls

Many thanks Steve, I've added The Now single to the Discography :)



Sent: Friday, April 18, 2003 6:53 PM
Subject: Thanks

I've just spent a great evening listening to the remastered CD of Gary Numan's Tubeway Army album and, on reading the sleeve notes I am thrilled to learn that it was recorded a few hundred metres away from where I live. The Spaceward recording sessions played a crucial role in rock history in that it was there that Gary Numan first found, tried and fell in love with the synthesizer sound that he would use to influence what is now becoming thirty years of recording artists. In the top 40 charts this week, an Italian dance band (Junkie XL or something) have a hit built upon a sample of one of Numan's 70s synths riffs; in the last three years there have been three top three singles built on music he recorded at Spaceward (to say nothing of the impact his synths sounds had on hip-hop in the New York music scene).

Good luck with the site, and with your new projects.

best wishes

Paul S

Right on! Many thanks Paul :)



Sent: Saturday, April 12, 2003 8:56 AM
Subject: Brings back the memories

Some of my bricklaying went into the Victoria Street studio (the fireplace, which I and Alex Cooper bricked up before plastering), and a lot of my blood, sweat and tears went into Stretham (I still remember conversations with Ted as we were doing the ventilation traps: "Hey, you f___ing f___er." "F___ing what?" "F___ing f___er's f____ing f___ed again!"). And the first session when we were still soldering the headphone sockets in the studio when the band turned up. And then the pad blew on the snare input channel as soon as the drummer hit the snare drum, if I remember rightly.

I had some good times there recording and mixing, learning how to play Sylvain's MiniMoog, and I still coil my cables the way Mike taught me! Without my experience at Spaceward, I wouldn't be doing what I am now (which is living in Japan, writing pro audio user manuals).

By the way, the "Experts" b/w "Choke" SRS 33A/B, was eng. Mike, prod. Mike and me. The label was Leisure Sounds (as was the 2nd Ersatz single) - Mark, I think you and the Rapiers found their way onto a compilation tape on there. There were also a couple more Ersatz sessions which made their way onto Leisure Sounds cassette compilations. John Peel said the Dogma Cats single was "kooky to the nth degree", which is praise of a sort, I suppose.

I could go on for longer, but it would bore the living daylights out of you all. But thanks for putting up all the information, Mark - great to see the old place again.


Hugh Ashton

Great to hear from you Hugh :) and thanks for the info which I've added to the discography. Please tell me more about Sylvain's MiniMoog!



Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2003 3:35 PM
Subject: Our Man In Tokyo

Hello Spaceward,

I used to be the guitarist with OMIT. I see we finally got a mention in the history books! Do you have the email addresses of either Dave Tailby (Bass & vocals) or Mark Southam. They both have written comments in the guest book. Thanks.


Email addresses on their way. Isn't it great? Bands Reunited R Us!



Sent: Thursday, February 27, 2003 8:55 PM
Subject: Memories of Spaceward Studios

Hi to all at Spaceward,

I first visited Spaceward Studios in February 1977 with the midlands rock band Supanova. We did three tracks with you over a hectic and tiring 24 hour period.
Believe it or not, those tracks are about to be released now in May 2003....well there's no great rush is there?

The band have been meeting up again to dig out old pics etc and we found the paperwork and receipt for this recording session. 80 quid for 3 it's gone up a tad since then eh? Mind you, we were allowed to sleep on the studio floor in with the price.!!

I was also part of another midlands band the Killjoys with Kevin Rowland (of Dexy's Midnight Runners fame).
The Killjoys recorded their single 'Johnny Wont Get To Heaven' for RAW Records at the Spaceward studio, also in 1977.

Nice to see your still doin' the biz'.

Best wishes

Keith Rimell

RealSmooth Music.

Great to hear from you Keith and many thanks for the Supernova info - please tell us when the tracks are released and we'll be sure sure to link :)



24th January 11:10

From: Gary Lucas

You can't believe how weird it is for me to type a word I invented 40 years ago - "Spaceward" - into a search engine and find a whole site with stuff I was involved in so well documented. (Mike, I must have told you the name started as "Spaceward Trading International" as my imaginary business as a strange child of 11 at school in Gibraltar...)

No, I don't play guitar, I'm in Taunton doing my first year of a graphic design degree. The site must be your design, Mark, it's clean, simple, and full of things I didn't keep any record of when I had to leave Spaceward. You must have had to put such a lot of work in... it's exactly what we - me and 34 first-time first year students at SCAT - are expected to produce. And Photoshop is SO naff...

That Syd Barrett Pink Fairies gig sticks in my mind because I was stuck for the last half jammed in the scrum in front of the PA holding a BBC-type fragile ribbon mic while a fight broke out around it and me. It got broken, the recording WAS really shit, we sold it to the promoter for the cost of the tape, and my personal copy long ago got recycled because for years Mike and I - and the bands - were too poor to buy new pro-audio tape...



Yes!!! This is what the internet is FOR!!! Great to hear from you Gary after so long and I look forward to filling a lot of gaps in the discography from your recollections :)

BTW for any Photoshop-hating design students who care, the story of the creation of this website using Spaceward Graphic Ltd's Satori software is told here -


20 January 2003 16:36

From: Tim Vine-Lott

I first saw Spaceward in the early 80's when a local band (The Rapiers) did some demos there. I was fascinated by the automated console. I was hooked. I had to know what made it (a recording studio) tick, and what made the difference between the best and the also rans..............and as a direct result I now run the technical side of AIR Studios (

Many thanks for awakening the dormant tech weenie in me, and my best wishes for the future,
Tim Vine-Lott.


Wow! Thanks Tim! :)

14 January 2003 15:37

From: Nick Ralph

Hi - Mike?,

Just stumbled on your website and thought you'd like to know that Sad Lovers & Giants made a 2nd album at Spaceward - "Feeding The Flame" (Midnight Music CHIME 00.03). There was also a 12-inch of "Man of Straw" (DONG 5) and the title of the first LP was "Epic Garden Music", not "Epic Gardens". If you want a scan of the "Man of Straw" or "Feeding The Flame" sleeves, let me know size/quality preferred. It might take me a little while to get done as I don't have "Man Of Straw" easily to hand (it's in storage), but if you want them, just let me know.

I think I might be able to dig up sleeves of some Hitchcock/Soft Boys releases I was involved with that had Spaceward material as well ("He's A Reptile" on 7" single in 2 different sleeves comes to mind...). Of course more has been released since on other labels. The session you refer to as Soft Boys demos ("Tonight I'm In The Mood For Love", "Unpleasant Stain" etc), Robyn always referred to as by Maureen and the Meatpackers and he wrote it as "Ruh Duh Duh Duh Duh". This came very close to being released - it reached test-pressing stage before Robyn changed his mind...

Are you still in touch with Joe Bull? If so, say hello to him from me...


Nick Ralph


Great info Nick! Many thanks for it - please see updated discography :) Please email me scans if you are able as I really want as many as possible.




07 January 2003 14:09

From: David Parker

Hello There,

My name is David Parker, and I am the author of a book called 'Random Precison', which details the recording sessions of Syd Barrett both as a solo artist and a member of Pink Floyd. Details are at: Cherry Red website (my publishers) and

I recently found the website for Spaceward Studios, and was amazed to find listed amongst the recordings: Syd Barrett All Stars 21/2/1971 Live at Cambridge Corn Exchange (NB - the last ever appearance of Syd Barrett on stage) engineered by Mike Kemp & Gary Lucas

There have been many rumours over the years that the show was recorded, but this is the first time that I've heard that Spaceward were responsible. I am currently working on a revised edition of the book, and if possible I would be eternally grateful for any details you might be willing to give me about the above recording - particularly as to the numbers recorded and any technical details you may recall about the session/show (does the recording still exist?). I would also be grateful for any recollections you may have about the show (was it as bad as the stories claim? Did you speak to Syd?).

A final question - are you still in contact with Gary Lucas, and would he be the same Gary Lucas that played guitar for Captain Beefheart in the mid-1970's?

I can be contacted via this e-mail address or, if you prefer, via Tim Wright at my publishers at:

Many thanks for reading this.

Best Wishes

David Parker


Hi David

Thanks for the email.

The concert we recorded was actually 1972 but the time of year is about right. It was a recording organised at the last minute and the equipment was poor as all that was available was a rather poor mixer so we just stuck a stereo mic pair across the stage for drums/backline and mixed in some PA mix for front. We were positioned on the top of a sort of cloakroom arrangement in a corner near the stage (in about an inch of thick dust) but had a bad view of the stage from the equipment area due to columns in the building. I spent most of my time with headphones at the troublesome mixer so saw little.

The whole affair was a shambles with a fight breaking out around the stage at one point destroying at least one of the mics. I was pretty naive at the time and can not say I saw Syd Barret but everyone was saying he was there. There were a number of rambling untogether acts and I am pretty convinced that the Syd Barret All Stars was mentioned at the time, as well as "The last minute put together boogie band".

Recording was onto a 1/4track Revox at 7&1/2 ips (all we had then) and I do recall listening to it after the gig over the next months. Because we changed all our recording equipment quickly to 1/2track (standard professional format) the old 1/4 track tapes couldn't then be listened to. I recall vaguely that it existed for some time but later attempts to find it failed, e.g. when Robyn Hitchcock spent a day (around 1980) checking all the tapes in our library at Victoria Street.

It is possible that the tape was placed with a whole collection of 1/4 track tapes that Gary Lucas had at the time (it was his Revox) and I am trying to find out if he has any knowledge of these. I've lost touch with him in the last few years since he moved away from Cambridge but I think I can track him down again. I'll let you know if I do. BTW he is not the same Gary Lucas as the Beefhart guy!

If I get any more info I'll let you know. It is possible that Mark Graham may have more info as he is collating stuff from various stories - I am cc-ing this to him.

Good luck with the revised book and if anything else comes ot mind I'll let you know...



Hello Mr Kemp,

Many, many thanks for your excellent and mind-bogglingly fulsome response to my queries!

I believe you may have recorded what Syd fans generally refer to as the "Eddie 'Guitar' Burns show". The show is listed as being organised by the Cambridge Blues Society (no exact date is known, but January/February 1972 is most likely), and Barrett legend has it that Syd joined Mr Burns for an encore jam session or two. The backing band comprised Twink on drums and Jack Monck or Monk on bass, who with Syd on guitar later mutated into 'Stars', the standard story has that band officially forming after this particular show. It was a time when Syd was making a few tentative forays back into live performance (Fred Frith recalled a jam session they had together at around the same time), before he abandoned the music business completely.

Phil Smee (who runs Bam Caruso Records) told me that he'd been approached back in the mid 1980's by someone who claimed to have a recording of the Eddie Burns show (and there was talk of releasing it on Bam Caruso), but no recording was ever forthcoming, and he presumed that it was all some sort of wind-up. Obviously not:-)

Thanks again for your help - I would like to quote pretty much your entire message in the revised book, would that be ok?

I would be very grateful for any further updates you may have on this.

Best Wishes

David Parker


*Postcript by Mark Graham: I can report that I surrended the tape to EMI in 1985. For the full story see here.


Hello Mark,

Many thanks for that information. Disappointing news about the tape - interestingly there was no sign of it at all when I checked through the archive at Abbey Road in 1998. I wonder if they destroyed it?

I'm not overly surprised to hear that it was terrible - I believe Syd's appearance was part of some spontaneous encore/jam session at the end of Eddie Burns's set (with Twink and Jack Monk). Whatever the appalling nature of the playing I'm afraid that a hard-core Syd nut such as myself would still like to have heard it, although I can understand why anyone with any concern for Syd's reputation would want it buried on a remote island somewhere :-) It's a bit like my hearing the fabled 1974 sessions at Abbey Road - after the legendary status they'd acquired over the years the reality was very disappointing...but it was still Syd!

Would it be ok to quote your note in the revised edition of my book? You would be properly acknowledged in the main text and on the acknowledgements page.

Thanks again and,

Best Wishes

David Parker




05 January 2003 17:28

From: Jeff

I saw the page for Spaceward, and it stated in the discography section, "Syd Barrett All Stars 21/2/1971 Live at Cambridge Corn Exchange (NB - the last ever appearance of Syd Barrett on stage) engineered by Mike Kemp & Gary Lucas". It also gave this as the current location of Mr. Kemp. Anyway, no one that I have seen over the past 30 years has proven to have this concert. Is it available for trade?



Hi Jeff

I recall it and a recording was made but I do not know where the copies ever went.

I wish I knew where they were!*

All the best




Thanks for replying. I have heard that Twink, who originally had the original tapes, lost them years ago. I'm afraid we may never hear this. :( But if by some miracle you do find anything out, please keep me in mind.*

Thanks again for getting back to me.

The best also to you,


*Postcript by Mark Graham: I can report that I surrended the tape to EMI in 1985. For the full story see here.


Mark (and Mike),

Oh, what a sad tale! I am sure it was as bad as you remember it. Of course, those of us with a historical interest would still have loved to have heard it, but I certainly understand the situation. There were things that I myself passed on or let go in the past that I wish now I had kept, good or bad, but that's how it goes. I'm sure that tape was destroyed. But I really appreciate your telling me. I guess this makes it finally clear that Syd truly had nothing left to offer by then. I know that I, and undoubtedly most other Syd fans, were hoping to hear something to make us think that there was still something "buried in the weeds"; but it's pretty obvious that there wasn't, and Syd did the right thing by just letting it go, rather than embarrassing himself further. In fact, it's at least a little less painful to know that he had enough insight left to realize it just wasn't going to work anymore.

May Roger Keith Barrett find peace and contentment the rest of his days - and may "Syd" rest in peace.

Thanks again, and the best to you and yours.



01 January 2003 01:22

From: Mark Southam

Recorded at Spaceward on 11th December 1981. The set up E.P by Our Man In Tokyo. Tracks include 'Dont Let It Drop', 'Does It Really Matter' and 'Do The Concrete Block'. Engineered by Gary Lucas, if my memory serves me correctly. Played by John Peel who announced it as' More hot teen pop from Shaky Joes Records'. Not exactly a household name, but one of your past conquests!!!

Dave Tailby
Bass & vocals: Our Man In Tokyo.


Many thanks Dave, discography and Links pages now updated :) Good luck!




10 November 2002 22:13

From: Elliot Wheeler

Hi Mark Graham,

I was doing a search about Spaceward and I saw this 'Spaceward at 30', thanks for the information - I have one 7" single by Sad Lovers And Giants Man Of Straw, engineered by Joe Bull and Produced by Nick Ralph and Steve Burgess and a LP from November 1978 The Outsiders Close Up, engineered by Gary Lucas.

Elliot Wheeler



Many thanks for that - I've added it to the discography.

Many thanks